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Mary - Buried Under Romance  (bur2012) | 7 comments Hello my fellow readers, may I ask for your recommendations of HR with sweet and somewhat shy, but caring heroines? The kind you know will soothe away the scars of the heroes and is very sympathetic? :)

Someone like Elizabeth from Edith Layton's The Mysterious Heir

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Roberta2 | 3 comments @ Mary

You may find some suggestions on this list:

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QNPoohBear | 48 comments sweet heroines:
Miss Truelove Beckons

An Honorable Gentleman- Inspirational but not too preachy

The Husband Campaign - not preachy at all for an Inspirational

reserved heroine
The Incomparable Miss Compton

Quiet Meg

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Noël Cades (noelcades) | 4 comments His Lady Mistress - the heroine is lovely and very kind to a servant girl. Some find the hero gets a bit horrible in the middle section, but I like to interpret it as him struggling with his feelings for her, and a (misguided) deathbed promise to his mother.

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