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Yelena Lugin (ylugin) | 2 comments Recently Self published, In The Crossfire by Yelena Lugin and I am looking for a few more people to read it for an honest review!

The story is not a typical Angel and Demon story for the angels are not tied to our world, they have a world of their own. A long standing war between them and the demons brings the angels to earth with one goal, to eradicate the demons once and for all.
In the Crossfire starts off about fifty years after the angels arrival to earth, following a girl named Sky.
Sky is someone who thinks that she knows everything she needs to know about angels and demons. She is certain that if she was ever caught by the angels that it would be a death sentence, for certainly they would know who she is.
Than she gets caught.
And Sky, is not killed.
She thought she knew the truth, she thought she knew who to trust... she was wrong.
Sky will have to fight to survive, while trying to keep a wrap on the dark secrets that she keeps, secrets that seem to keep being uncovered.
This is Sky's story.

Fast paced, a little dark, a little funny, and sure to entertain!

Leave me your email if you are interested!
Thank you!

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Chocomeiske  (cover-2-cover) | 2 comments

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Yelena Lugin (ylugin) | 2 comments Email sent! Hope you enjoy :) and let me know if there are any issues with the email.

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Jordan | 10 comments

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