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The water's cold, this ain't Hawaii.

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Technically this was being a bad example. But listen, kids, sometimes you need a day off. Without telling anyone. And then you disappear and just get high and live life. Yeah, sounds about right. So yeah, Charlie got up this morning and got dressed and kissed his 'siblings' goodbye, and then he walked slash limped into the distance.

The distance turned into the beach. Why? He couldn't explain why, but it did, and then the shirt was off and in the bag, the tank top in its place. Then there was a blunt in his hand, smoke in the air and good vibes coming his way. Nice. Heck, things would've been Nice if his damn back wasn't in pain. That damned whiplash, injuring his back. Do you know how hard bending down was? And these headaches?? Don't even get him started, oh man there was nothing Charlie hate more than those daily visits. And when things got bad and he had to wear that back brace? Ugh. Now that sucked.

Charlie was standing against a palm tree when he noticed a girl, who looked around his age, and was drinking a beer while sitting on a motorcycle. Now that's attractive. She wasn't that far, so he didn't bother to move--it hurt anyways, but there was no way he was putting on that brace--when he called over, "Aren't you supposed to be at least twenty-one to drink that?" He was only messing with her, which she would catch if she saw the playful smile on his tired face.

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Twemty-two. Hm. Well, she couldn't be. I mean, she could, but Charlie wasn't buying it. And then he knew she was serious when she pretended to check if her ID was real, and he chuckled a little to himself. "Don't worry, I don't sell anything," Except for a winning smile and occasionally a work of art, but Charlie was honestly just trying to relax today. Reason why he didn't go to school. At least, not yet anyways.

This girl was staring at him now, and he would've felt weird if he wasn't used to people staring at him all the time—perk of being an attractive artist, people want to draw you—but it was still weird. Why was she staring at him? Then it got really weird when she just laughed.

A puff of smoke later, Charlie slowly nodded. "Yeah... What's it to you?" He asked, skeptical of how she knew his name. Maybe she had read the paper and read his name among the others who had been in the accident. Among the comatose and the broken limbs, he was the one with the spinal injury, reoccurring whiplash and the headaches. But, he could be dead.

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Holy shit, did this girl just call him Huey? Oh man, no one even knows his middle name why did she call him Huey? Wait, Huey? That rings a bell... A very quiet bell, but it was still a bell. Or, something that makes a noise. Maybe a chime? Wind chimes? Sort of like the nice ones you hang on the porch and hear ringing when it's windy? Yeah, that's what it was like. So this rang a chime.

Dimples, Huey, oh yeah it was all coming back to him now. The foster home. The one with the rich people. And then she said her name and it all just came back, especially when she mentioned the tree thing. Charlie would climb up and down those things because he was fearless. And then there was her, who would climb up but get too scared to climb down. Fun times.

"Oh, yeah. Hero. Yeah, yeah, I remember you. I mean, no one really knows my middle name so I figured you were someone because you called me Huey, which you should really keep to yourself by the way. And also, you're definitely not twenty-two because I'm almost positive I'm older than you. But it's good to see you." Charlie looked Ro up and down, inhaling the smoke before releasing another puff into the air. Who would've thought they would end up like this in a decade.

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It was so weird, looking at them. They both looked like a mess, a big one too. Look at her, with a motorcycle and a beer in her hand. And then Charlie, a blunt in his hand and a limp. He literally had a back brace in his backpack, this sucked And his stupid back changed everything, it hurt his legs and his neck, of course, he looked like shit he could barely move sometimes.

"You didn't hear about the accident?" Charlie asked, raising a brow. He thought everyone had heard about it. It was all everyone really talked to him about anyway. Sorry about your back Charlie, At least you're alive Charlie, It could've been worse, Charlie

Yeah, they were right, but they were also annoying. Charlie didn't need people to remind him that his life could be worse. Or of anything really, he kind of hated looking at the past.

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"Okay, do you even know me? I am not one for sob stories. And if you're gonna live here now, you have to know about the accident. I hate to sound cliche, but it changed everyone's life." Charlie explained, rolling his eyes at his own explanation. He shifted his weight between his feet, trying to lightly set himself against the palm tree, but nothing was working. He didn't think anything would anyway, he was only comfortable with the brace or laying down, but he wasn't about to do either of those.

Charlie continued after he took another whiff, casting the smoke off to the side so it wouldn't be in his way. Mentally he made a note to stop soon, he didn't want to show up late and totally wasted.

"Anyway, there was a party not too long ago. It was some back to school party, I dunno, to symbolize the end of our lives or something? I dunno, Rosemary Keats threw it, and if Rosemary Keats throws a party, you have to go. Because that means it's going to be a really lit party." Charlie stated, nodding his head to show that he wasn't kidding. "But anyway, afterward, a few kids including me, tried to drive home. And well, we were all wasted, and let's just say things didn't end up well. This one kid is in a coma, I know one guy broke his leg, this girl might not be able to walk again, and there were more but I don't really remember what happened to them.

"And me? I just got this awkward reoccurring whiplash and some stupid spinal injury that gives me both some intense back pain and also some annoying headaches. But yeah, it's not a sob story unless you're an adult." Charlie finally finished, shrugging his shoulders slightly before glancing over towards the water. It looked nice, and peaceful too. Lucky.

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"Listen, I don't need you and your drinking ass to tell me that smoking is bad, okay? And actually, my headaches are caused by whatever bullshit is up with my back, not these little nicotine filled drugs." Charlie barked, rolling his eyes and looking away from her. He didn't mean to snap, really, it was just annoying. Everything nowadays was so annoying.

Everything but art.

"Sorry," Charlie apologized after a moment, still not looking at Ro. "The whole situation just gets me mad. I can't really sit around and make graffiti art or even draw a portrait without my back killing me, and it just annoys me," He explained, glancing down towards his backpack before his gaze shifted towards Ro.

"Why're you here anyway?"

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Charlie couldn't help but chuckle when Ro mentioned something about her doing something stupid. It seemed like all the memories, all the childhood ones with Ro, it seemed like they were always doing something stupid. Not that he minded, they were children, and every artist knows that stupidity can often create a masterpiece. And, not trying to be weird or anything, but it sure did just that on Ro's part.

"Sounds like a good idea. Except, I know your name." Charlie pointed out, tapping the light out of his cigarette against the palm tree. Sure, it was a giant waste of money, but that was just another good reason for him to stop. Silently he glanced around for the nearest trashcan before he just turned to look at his backpack; he kept a soda can in there and just threw everything in there, it was a more efficient way to live.

But there was no way in hell he was bending down, so that was definitely a later problem now.

Charlie's attention went back to Ro, his mind confused for a moment before he asked, "Did you plan on going to school today? I was going to go in a few, maybe an hour or two depending on how I was feeling... Don't worry, I won't tell anyone about your fuck up." Charlie joked in that last part, winking at Ro.

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