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For the ones who claim they aren't basic bitches.

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"Joey, you don't speak french, please don't even try." She reclined backwards in the booth, kicking her legs up so her feet rested on the other bench, next to Joey's legs. "Plus, it kind of makes you sound like a fuckboy," she said thoughtfully, twirling her phone around in her fingers. If she dropped it, she was screwed, but hey. Carpe Diem or whatever that saying was.

She paused watching her phone slide through her fingers over and over again to look at the boy sitting in front of her. She burst out laughing suddenly at his expression, setting her phone down on the table. "God, Joey, I'm joking. Although in all seriousness you should really take a french class or something your accent's atrocious."

He kept talking. And she kept pretending every work he said wasn't stabbing daggers into her. As if the pressure wasn't already on. Now he was saying things like big Zelenko production (not that "Zelenko production" didn't sound like a dream come true). Things like best one in school history. Shit. Was that what people were expecting? She knew that was what she was expecting, or rather hoping for. But if the rest of the student body was expecting that too? Well, shit.

"I do." She replied, picking up the coffee he'd placed in front of her, taking an experimental sip to make sure she wasn't going to lose her tongue trying to drink it. Deciding it was cool enough, she then proceeded to down the whole thing. "Especially, when the first day of school is tomorrow and everybody expects me to have picked the theme for the best show in history. And I haven't the damn faintest idea which one we're going to do."

So. There it was. She really shouldn't have said that, should have just pretended that of course she'd already picked the show and knew what she was doing. Should have kept the charade going long enough for her to pick one. But, it was out now. Not much she could do pull it back in.

That was the funny thing about words, after all. They were a lot harder to put back in your mouth than they were to say.

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"I do," she replied bluntly, trying her hardest not to laugh. "Joey, there is no fucking way you speak french with that grammar. You're literally just stringing random french words together oh my God. Also your last name is fucking Darnell not baguette so don't even try."

She raised an eyebrow at him from across the table. "Psycological trauma, sure." She grinned at him. "I'd love to see you trying to pass that off. Yes, professor Arthur, the tiny Ukrainian theatre dork beside me is bullying me, the extremely tall and muscular black guy."

She sobered instantly at the mention of the play. "Shit indeed," she agreed, resisting smashing her head against the coffee house table. "And while Emmett was an extremely shitty group leader, he at least came up with a decent idea for the production. I, on the other hand, have none. So what does that make me?"

She laughed somewhat hysterically as he continued talking. "I don't need to stress. Sure. Definitely not. There's just the entire production riding on me, and not only my future career but everyone elses. And us seniors' legacy at this school. Nothing to be stressed about at all."

And with that, she gave up on trying to keep her head held high, and allowed her head to fall onto her arms on the table. "Shit, Joey, what am i gonna do." Her voice came out muffled through the sleeve of her sweater. "There's thousands of plays and musicals out there and everybody wants to do a different one. Everybody who knows nothing about theatre and some who do are insisting we do Hamilton, even though it's not fucking possible yet since the damn play just came out on broadway. Then I've gotten suggestions that we do everything from Wicked to Grease to Les Miserables to Hairspray to Phantom of the Opera. And that's just the tip of the iceburg, really."

She barely felt his hand in hers as he squeezed it, so focused was she on her own problems. It wasn't until he let go that she missed the warmth of his hand in hers.

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"Uh-huh. Sure, Darnell. I'm gonna need to see some proof of that one, before I believe a single word of it. Not that I'll believe it with proof, because that is, quite frankly, ridiculous." She watched him take another sip of iced tea and looked at her own empty cup rather mournfully. Drinking the whole thing had seemed like a good idea at the time, but now she was woefully lacking in coffee. "I really don't know how you drink that stuff," she wrinkled her nose. "Bleck. No caffeine whatsoever. And it tastes gross."

"Excuse you, I am five feet, three inches and a half, I'll have you know. Not a measley three feet." She grinned at him, showing her teeth. "You're right, I could definitely kick your ass, no matter how tall and muscular you are. And please, I start bullying everyone in the clique ages before showtime. Especially when you aren't listening to me. Or cooperating. Everything has to be perfect, after all."

She sighed deeply and dramatically, resting her head on the table. "I don't know. I legitimately have no idea. There's too many to choose from, and it has to work for all the actors, and I honestly have no idea if the freshman will be any good or if we'll even get freshmen. Wicked could be amazing, if we had a small army of decent freshmen to play the munchkinds and the seniors could get it together enough to pull off Glinda and Elphaba. There's just so many to choose from, and I was supposed to have figured this out ages ago, everybody's expecting to know by tomorrow so we can start auditions and rehearsal as soon as possible and I just don't know..."

"You have never asked a more difficult question to answer," she replied, staring straight at him until he reworded his question. "Kindled my love for the theatre, yikes." She paused, thinking deeply. How to answer something like this? How to choose a play that would basically determine her future? She closed her eyes to hide the hopelessness she was feeling. "I don't know. There are so many that inspired me, and mom and dad took me to the theatre all the time as a kid... They all left their mark, Joey, how am I supposed to choose just one that marked me the most or whatever? Because they all did."

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She paused for a second, thinking way back. "I... Really don't know... Mom and Dad had some sort of season pass for the local theatre and they took me as soon as I was old enough to not cry through the whole thing. I must have gone once a month or something from the age of four..." The Zelenkos hadn't exactly been rich, and sure they hadn't been the greatest seats, but they never failed to renew their season tickets for the theatre. Other families had season tickets for the football stadium nearby or the hockey area. The Zelenkos had tickets for the theatre. And they never missed a show.

"I know I saw Phantom of the Opera fairly early on, because mom always said that she could hear me over the baby monitor at three in the morning pretending to be the Phantom," she laughed suddenly. "She said she was never more scared than when she woke up to "Sing, my angel of music... Sing for meeeeeeeee!" being sung quietly. She didn't know where it was coming from at first. So, yeah, I must've seen that one pretty young."

"You think so?" She asked, resting her head on her hand. "It could work, maybe. Celia could maybe pull off Glinda, if she works hard enough. And we'll have plenty of extras, if you can find us extremely short freshman. They don't have to have any skills they just have to be short and there has to be a lot of them."

"Joey please tell me that was an intentional reference and not an accident. Because if it was intentional, I'm so so proud of you you're almost as crazy as me now. Also do you really, really think it'll work out? Do you think Wicked's a good idea? People will come and the whole theatre department won't stage a mutiny against me?"

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"It wasn't intentional?" She groaned, flopping back down on the table. "Joey, sometimes I think there's no hope for you whatsoever. How can you make so blatent a reference and not have it be intentional?"

She watched him scribbling hastily on the napkin and wordlessly slid another over as he began to run out of space due to all the lines and squiggles everywhere. "Fun? Oh, God, no. It's gonna be near on impossible to do, I'm going to commit exactly murders over the course of it, everyone in the group is going to wish they could kill me at least 32 times, Caleb is going to commit approximately sixteen murders, and I might be one of them if his aim has improved since last year, and I'm not going to get any sleep for about a month. But sure, it'll be fun." She grinned at him somewhat manically. "It's going to be amazing."

"We'll find someone for Elphaba. There's gotta be someone with some talent in this school, right? And worse comes to worst we cast you. You'll ace it, for sure." She grinned at him again to let him know she was kidding. They'd almost definitely not have to resort to that. Anyways, green was much more so Caleb's colour.

"Oh, God, Caleb's going to murder me when he finds out we're doing Wicked. I should probably wear a bullet-proof vest to school tomorrow so he doesn't get arrested. Also, maybe order bullet-proof vests for the freshmen. They might need them."

She followed his gaze to her empty mug and glanced at his own. "Yeah, I guess so," she replied, leaping to her feet in one fluid motion. "Where to now?"

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