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•CookieMonster• | 229 comments Sorry it took me so long.

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essïe | 1053 comments Oh sorry ! I never saw this ! Mmkay so you have an idea? (:

•CookieMonster• | 229 comments Yeah got a lot actually. Just choose which one you like.


* T r o u b l e m a k e r

Are you sure you're ready to trust a bad boy like me?
She has always been a good girl, never got in trouble, never cussed, never smoked, anything that sounds like it would harm her she hasn't done. Her grades are always perfect, the kind of girl a guy would want his parents to meet. A kind of girl who makes the other girls jealous. A kind of girl who almost all guys want to hit it with. He is a guy who has a bad reputation. He's been to jail multiple times, has many warrants out for his arrest, and has gotten into a ton of fights that he always wins. But when he makes the biggest mistake of his life he's on the run. He has moved from place to place, town to town to get away from these guys he owes money to but they just keep finding him. He has no choice but to completely start over, and in order to do that he needs a new look, or more accurately, a new identity. He moves into her town, her school and takes a liking to her, well takes a liking to her body rather then her as a person. But she doesn't want to hang out with him or have anything to do with him.......But that doesn't mean she's not curious about him. They start talking after a while of him bugging her and start to get even closer. Dangerously close. At first he thought that she would be a quick one and then he would move on to the next girl. But He couldn't stop being so.....protective of her. He knows that he shouldn't have fallen for her but he slowly started to love her, and slowly she started to love him. But when they are getting closer will their love survive when she doesn't even know who he even is?

* T e a c h e r ' s P e t

Wanting to be my favorite student eh?
She's very quiet antisocial girl. Her best friend is a hot head who makes her do a lot of stupid things. So that doesn't make her the greatest student ever but she's a decent one. Turns in her homework the day after but hey who's judging? She's mostly gone half of the day and misses a lot of work, so who does she turn to? He cares about all his students equally and would do anything thing for them. And by anything he will literally do ANYTHING for them. He's pretty laid back and chill doesn't worry about a lot of things Or rules. She goes to him for the lessons that she had missed for a while and they start to do after school lessons. They spend a lot of time together during their lessons and they get close, but not like that. He knows that it could be bad for them. One day she misses one their session, she may miss class but she never misses her after school lessons. He gets worried and finds out that she went to a party. Her friend takes her to a party it goes downhill and she's starting to get worried. Her drink gets spiked and she starts to get tipsy acting strangely. He goes through the crowd picks her up and takes her to a park to sober up a bit. They talk for a little bit and she notices something a bit different about him. She didn't know or care wether it was the drink or not she just knew that she wanted to kiss him, and she did. And before either one of them know it.....the kiss gets deeper and deeper until he pushes her off. She doesn't show up for his afternoon lessons or his class in general, afraid of what he's going to say. He eventually grabs her from her last class, takes her to his classroom and confronts her about the kiss.

* T w o L o n e l i e s

I need you to be with me..
She had a nice life growing up. Caring parents, fun siblings everything that almost everyone wants. He had a rich life. His mom and dad were divorced and his dad was an alcoholic/abuser but the money was still good. He promised himself that he would never grow up to be like his father. A few years later her family goes on a trip without her on her 16th birthday, little does she know that when they come back there was a huge surprise waiting for her. But, they don't come back. She waits for them outside in the rain for hours, and those hours turn into days, but they never show up. Her family died in a crash, but she doesn't know that. He notices her sitting on the sidewalk soaking wet and takes her in. He starts to see how quiet and shy this girl is and finds it cute how flustered she gets around him. But he knows that he shouldn't make a move on her because he was older then her, but he can't help himself. She starts to see how forgetful this guy is. She sometimes finds him with a bottle her father once had occasionally and how his clothes faintly smell of nicotine. She can't seem to get that smell out of her head for some reason.

* K i d n a p p i n g

We're always going to be friends right? They've been friends for years. Always together, laughing, crying, burping everything. But when he leaves town to go to college he can't seem to get her out of his mind. He wants her, always needs to have her to function. Without her he's nothing. So he starts a collection of her, well the other girls didn't look like her but had similar features to her. He would do these things to them in four days. Day 1: He just watches her happy that they've been reunited. Day 2: He confesses his love for her. Day 3: He kisses her and does a lot more to her. Day 4: He kills her. She's been watching the news hearing about the 5 disappearances of girls who look like her and starts to get a bit worried when the killer gets closer to her town. Always having her friends walking her wherever she goes never traveling alone. But when her friend comes back to town she's so excited that she finally wants some alone time with him by herself. The perfect opportunity to take her so he can have her all to himself. Which is what he does. The first night he just watches her so happy that they are reunited once again. Will she become the 6th dead victim, or will things turn out different for her?

* Psycho

You don't know what it's like to feel like this.
She's mentally challenged. They've been trying to help her but nothing has helped, so they send her to the Asylum. He's been working there for years but has never seen a case like her's. He wants nothing to do with her at all, but he's assigned to her to make sure she doesn't do anything drastic. After a couple days of being there, she snaps and tries to kill herself but he stops her in a nick of time. He starts to take care of her more and before he know's it, he kind of becomes protective of her. She still doesn't fully trust him yet but she's getting used to him taking care of him. Enjoying his company. As she starts to get better, things get worse. She gets raped by one of the guards while he went to check on another patient. She becomes more distant not wanting him to touch her like he used to. He becomes worried when she starts doing the stuff she used to do. Will she tell him what happened or will he have to beat the crap out of someone to find out?
*Note: There are some serious things in this rp, so if you've experienced something like this then it's probably best not to choose this particular one. ;)

* H a c k e r
You're under arrest for stealing my heart.
She's a wanted hacker and killer. He's a police officer who's been in charge of her cases for years. The cops set up a hoax crime to catch her in the action and caught her. Unexpectedly they offer her a job as a trade for not doing jail time and she accepts in a heartbeat. She was partnered up with him and for a while he doesn't completely trust her or her methods of doing things. But one night when they're on a case she gets shot and injured, he keeps her company at the hospital. He sees that she's not as bad as he thought, and grows more affectionate to her but tries to keep it professional. Keyword TRIES. Every time she comes around is heart skips a beat, and she doesn't make it any easier on him. One night when they are working late together he sorta loses it and kinda maybe kisses her. But when secrets are being kept, her old habits start to kick back in, and she gets into trouble, will he be able to keep these feelings that he has for her? Or will he have to put her away for good?
*Note: the genders can be flipped.

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essïe | 1053 comments Those are so good ! Agh it's hard to pick !! Mmmm the first one. No the last one ! Wait wait the first one! Yeah that one. I'm so jelly of your creativity ^^

•CookieMonster• | 229 comments Aww it's nothing really. I have others too. And if you really wanna do more of these we could create a private group for them if you like.

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essïe | 1053 comments Omg totally ! That's such a good idea ^^ i've never done that before. I definitely want to hear more of yours in the new group. Should we create it now?

•CookieMonster• | 229 comments Yeah. :)

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essïe | 1053 comments Would you like me to or would you like to?

•CookieMonster• | 229 comments I can do it.

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essïe | 1053 comments Okay (: just send me the link. I'm going to go put my clothes in the dryer but I'll be right back ^^

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