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Track practice is held here; try not to trip over each other.

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For the most part, Noah stayed far, far away from sports. Sure, he kept in shape, jogged and shit, but football fields? Tracks? Hell no. They messed with his vibe.

So Noah really didn't have much of a reason to be out here. He was only on these empty bleachers because this is what he did when he had nothing else to do — wander around with his camera. He was stuck at school waiting for Shua to be done with his smart person nerd meeting before driving them to the restaurant.

Plus, lighting was, for some reason, phenomenal, so Noah had wasted time taking abstract-like photos from the bleachers just for kicks.

And now he was stretched out across one of the metal slats, camera on his stomach, one arm hanging down towards the grass and the other covering his face, and not exactly sleeping. Maybe dozing off? Maybe. What else was he supposed to do while waiting? Homework? As if.

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Honestly, Khaleesi really liked the first day of school. The whole new school year thing was really nice in her eyes, but not because of the new friends or new classes, not because she knew she was going to get smarter and definitely not because she saw it as a time to become someone new. But rather because it was like starting a new chapter. You're excited, but you get a feel of where this is going. Oh, and she had coffee too but you know, when didn't she?

Khaleesi was walking towards the bleachers, a tray of coffees in her hand. And yes, there were three coffees, and it was the end of the school day. Why? Easy. Khaleesi was smart.

See, the amount of coffee Khaleesi brought today, was unbelievable. Like, you would think she was psycho. But in her eyes, she was brilliant. Do you know how many teachers and students literally blessed her soul today? A lot. Like enough that she was already accepted into heaven.

And maybe those last three coffees would've been put to good use had Khaleesi been watching where she was going rather then being on her phone and set the tray directly on some snoozing boys face. My bad.

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The nice daydream Noah had been having about summer being extended another two weeks was suddenly interrupted by something hitting his nose and forehead — not that hard, thank god. He shot upright, camera gripped in his hand, the other cradled around it for protection, and the thing on his face went flying to the side, falling down two steps of bleachers before landing on the ground, Noah's eyes tracking the paths of the three coffees forlornly.

A coffee would be nice.

The tray — so that's what had been placed on his head — fell to the ground, and Noah directed his attention away, to the surprised looking girl with gorgeous hair and a phone in her hand.

"I don't suppose you'd have any other coffees?" he asked, carefully making sure nothing from the other three cups had gotten onto his camera.

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Oh shit. There go three perfectly good sweetened coffees. I mean, yeah there was one on the side of her backpack and then another one sitting in her bag, which meant she had two more, but let's face it, Khaleesi was obviously going to drink one of them, which meant she only had one coffee. Sigh. Look at those gorgeous ice coffees, leaking and dripping away all over the cement.

What the hell, the cement didn't even deserve coffee?

Whatever, as long as she still had her coffee and that one extra one in her bag it was all good. Now who was this guy, the one that just asked her for a coffee?

"Huh? Oh, hey, my bad about that whole tray thing... Didn't see you there," A laugh, because you are stupid and laughing at yourself is the key to being happy. "And uh, yeah I do. Pretty sure it's iced, though, is that okay? It's not like, soggy or awkwardly frozen or anything, Got it during my free period about an hour or so ago? And I sweetened it already but I have more in case you're one of those sweet tooth people?"

Why can I talk about coffee for so long but when it comes to algebra I just think 'math fucking sucks'

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Squinting against the afternoon sun at the girl beside him, Noah waved a hand carelessly, once he had ascertained that his camera was in pristine condition. Not a single drop of coffee on it.

"I survived, apparently. If I'm concussed, I'll make sure to let everyone know it was you." Noah was 100% joking, but the delivery was entirely straight-faced. That is, until the girl let him know that she had yet another coffee hidden somewhere. "Wait, really?"

A literal goddess. Like a caffeine goddess, come to drop trays on his head in exchange for her coffee. Like they said, no pain, no gain.

"I'll drink whatever you have, honest to god. Do you always carry fifty coffees around with you? Also, do you brain everyone in the head before you give them coffee, or is that just the initiation ritual." It would be deeply unfair if Noah were the only one to have to endure a tray to the head for this coffee.

Though, it definitely beat shelling out $5 or whatever ridiculous amount the Coffee Bean or Starbucks was demanding on any given day.

"I'm Noah, by the way."

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