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I heard that a person can fit in one of those lockers.

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There were more stares than usual this time. Rich kids got stared at a lot, along with the jocks, but people like Rosemary Keats got stared at more. But this? Well, everyone was looking at her when she walked down the hall, white converse barely making a sound as she went. And it was because they all knew. Every last one of them. From the Senior that knew everything right down to the Freshman that transferred here this morning. They all knew, it's your fault for throwing that party

Well, whatever. It was going to happen eventually. And if it was to Rosemary, so be it. Rosemary didn't really care what anyone thought about her anyway. She pulled on the straps of her backpack, making them longer so her Louis Vuitton backpack would hang in a fashionable way. Because you know, Rose always looked good. Even when she was in a high school, being stared at my hundreds, and opening up her locker just to put in some snacks and grab some stupid textbook.

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Joe shoved a freshman aside, moving through the crowd towards his locker. He needed to find the newspaper editors and remind them to get everything sorted out soon, plus he needed to go to the pharmacy and get more pills, plus he needed to rewrite his English essay, and so he was, quite understandably, stressed. As he walked, Joe took advantage of the crowded hallway to take half a dozen pictures of the scene. He kept walking as he did so, not paying the slightest attention to where he was going. As one would expect in such a busy area, he walked straight into someone. But that wasn't his main concern. No, his main concern was who he'd bumped into. "Shoot, sorry!" he exclaimed, backing away from Rosemary. "Didn't see you there." As he apologised, Joe found his locker and opened it, dumping one textbook and exchanging it for the next.

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There was now a pyramid of granola bars in Rosemary's locker, for whenever she felt hungry or if one of her friends did or whatever. She was just organizing her textbooks when someone walked right into her. Not some shoulder rub or accidental elbow to the gut, but an actual body to body run in, the kind that made the girl drop her books on the ground. "Hey, why don't you watch where you're going?" Rose commented, watching the boy who was already apologizing back away from her.

He fell into place behind her, opening a locket that was undoubtedly his and Rose couldn't help but roll her eyes in annoyance. Everyone was so annoying these days, they just all looked at her. What was she, a tv show? Rose squatted down, gathering her scattered supplies as she glanced up at this boy. "The least you could do is help me out you know." She added.

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Joe grunted. "The least I could do is walk off right now and get to my next class on time, but because I'm not a dickhead, I'm going to actually help you. So don't take that tone with me." He knelt down and picked up a couple of her books and handed them to her. Standing up, Joe raised his camera to eye-level and took a handful of shots of Rosemary's face, angled down. It would be interesting to see how that changed the power balance between her and the viewer — for once they would be in the 'powerful' position, whereas in most photographs he'd seen of her, she was looking down on the camera.

Finished helping, Joe snapped a few pictures of the back of Rose's head, thinking, she's practically the spitting image of a faceless Tumblr icon. He wondered idly if he could get away with using the pictures, considering it wasn't like her face was there, but if she realised it was her then her rich, petty parents would probably sue him.

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Who was this kid? And why was his sassing Rosemary? Seriously, she wasn't liking it. If anyone should be being sassy, it was her. He bumped into her and that was why her stuff was on the floor in the first place! It wasn't like she had purposely walked in his way and caused a scene just to throw the entire student body against him.

No, that was one time.

Rose didn't respond, however, gathering up the last of her stuff and piling them into her bag. She didn't have the time nor patience for this guy, no matter who he was. You know, until she heard the faint sounds of a camera clicking. "What're you doing?" Rosemary asked, turning rather abruptly to.. Whatever his name was. He had a camera in his hand and had obviously been taking pictures of her. And maybe she would've been okay with it any other day, because well, this was usual for a day in the life of Rosemary, but not today.

"Listen, I get that you're supposed to take pictures of all the newsworthy stuff, but I don't need my face plastered on the school paper with the words 'Killer', okay?" It didn't even cross her mind that maybe he wasn't taking pictures of her because of the party fiasco, but what could she say, it was the only thing she thought about nowadays.

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Jeez, Joe thought. She's pissed off. "It wasn't even a 'killer'-type photo," he said. "Those are generally mugshots, it has a better effect on the viewer." He wanted to add, besides, we'll be lucky if we ever get the paper out before next year, at this rate, but didn't really think that would affect her mood. Or his own.

Moving on... he switched the camera off, slid his textbook into his bag, and then — he couldn't resist — he raised his camera back up and clicked down on the shutter button several times, with the lens pointed at Rosemary. Just for fun, with extra clicking sounds added to cover the lack of shutter noise.

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Okay this guy was actually really weird. He like, couldn't keep a conversation going and would just keep taking pictures of her instead. Why was he even doing this? Taking photos of her and everything. Obviously, he must have some story or something? Or maybe she just made that list, you know the one with all the best jocks and smartest kids. Maybe Rosemary Keats meant a lot more than she thought.

"Okay but seriously, why do you keep taking these pictures of me? I can literally see you doing it, and without you explaining yourself it's actually kind of weird, Like, sketchy weird." Rose explained, crossing her arms over her chest.

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"I wasn't even taking pictures just then," Joe said. "The camera's off, genius." Really, he thought. How do you not notice the absence of the little blue 'on' light?. "And I'm not even a sketchy person," he continued. "I prefer to leave that to the rest of you, who, I must say, do a much better job of it than a journalist with anxiety ever could."

Okay, that was mean. Don't pull a card like that on someone just to make them guilty. Not that Joe really cared about her feelings right at that point in time, since he was a little more preoccupied with not thinking about the fact that he was in the middle of a crowded hallway, having an argument and making a fool of himself. Yeah, that's just great for your anxiety, Joseph. Great. Fabulous. Wonderful. Amazing. Spiffing.

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At this point, it seemed there were two choices for Rosemary. She could either a, start making a scene and attract attention and then paint him to look like the bad guy, turning a good percentage of the student body against him. Or b, she could try to relax a little and leave him alone. And frankly, she wasn't sure what to do about this journalist with 'anxiety'.

She took a minute, or rather, two or three to look at him. That was all she did, nothing more and nothing less. She was staring at him the way a cheetah eyes a gazelle before chasing its prey.

"Just because you understand that camera more than psychics doesn't mean everyone else does. And if I'm so sketchy, let me know why the entire school shows up at my doorstep when I throw a party and only tell a good ten people about it. It's cause I'm not sketchy." Rose explained, pausing for a moment before she finished, "But you still didn't explain to me why you were taking pictures of me anyway, so get to the point. I have a class to go to.

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"Well sorry, I thought it was fairly obvious that msot technologies have a light somewhere on them to say 'look, I'm on'. And I said 'the rest of you', not 'you', so stop acting like I'm trying to target you with that." Joe picked up his bag, which he'd dumped on the floor, and glared at her. "Also, I have a class to go to as well, so how about you stop interrogating me. It's not like I'm going to do anything stupid with those photos — I have a reputation to keep clean as well. You're not the only one with problems, so get over it."

He'd already said enough. He'd said more than enough. He should have just picked up her books for her, apologised and then left, rather than spending all this time arguing. "And since you seem so sceptical about my anxiety" —she hadn't actually said so, but it was written all over her face— "read this." He pulled out the doctor's note diagnosing him with Generalised Anxiety Disorder and handed it to her.

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Okay seriously, who was this guy? And since when were the journalists so annoying? Usually they just silently were around snapping photos, and sometimes they would come around and ask cute little questions, but now? Now this guy was totally attacking her, acting like he was actually important enough to make a dent in Rosemary's head. Well, newsflash buddy, you're not so beat it.

Rosemary put her hand up in front of his doctors note, not caring enough to look at it and completely rejecting it. "Don't glare at me like that first of all, I should be the one glaring at you. We wouldn't be in this situation if you had just minded where you were walking and not bumped into me. And also, I find your anxiety unrealistic because usually people who have it don't participate in public arguments that could attract them lots of attention. and they also don't usually flaunt it. So sorry if I found you to be a little unbelievable, it just didn't seem right.

"But whatever, you're the one with 'anxiety' anyway, let's hope no one decides to yell at you and give you an attack." And with that, Rosemary closed her locker, turned on her heel and left. She didn't have the time to deal with people that annoyed her, and frankly, this guy was really good at that.

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"Well I'm sorry, do you want me to have more severe anxiety? Funnily enough, there's ways of managing it." Joe let out a relieved breath as Rosemary left, until he realised that he needed to go the same way as her if he wanted to get to class. Not wanting to cause another confrontation — though if Rosemary wasn't so pernickety it wouldn't be a problem — he closed his locker, quietly, turned and left, walking the opposite direction to the girl he'd just managed to piss off.

Skilled, Joe, skilled. His face flushed with embarrassment — he'd probably just made a complete and utter fool of himself in front of quite a large part of the student body. That's going to be really bad for the clique if people don't forget about it, he thought. Great. Now he had to worry about not pissing off Ira too.

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