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I don't know, man. There are desks.

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Actually, there are lab benches. Which was okay, I mean no one wanted to sit on a metal chair for an hour, so the stool would be nice. But what the heck, it was a stupid science class. Why did Winnie have to have a science first period? That would have totally killed her vibe if she didn't suddenly realize that oh wait, there was a 90% chance her first class would be something she didn't like, so it's all good.

It's all good.

Besides, Winnie had this adorable yellow shirt that totally lightened the mood, and then she had this cute braclet of pearls that her dad got her too, so she was alright. Winnie took a seat where her name tag told her to, looking to see who her lab partner would be. Hm, some boy named Luca Hartley. Hopefully he would nice, and possibly cute. I mean, if he wasn't that would be totally okay, Winnie would have to meet him and talk to him first anyway, and even then there was no promise that she would be attracted to him anyway.

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Aw, he was cute! What a nice plus. Oh wait, was he staring? Were they going to make eye contact if she looked? Oh well, at least Winnie was smiling. Should she wave? Yeah she should, she should — aw man he looked away. He was looking at the floor now, was there something on her face? Did she look ugly? Wait, what was she even saying? Of course, she didn't look bad, she looked at herself a good two minutes ago and she looked fine then. Maybe he was just nervous or something.

Winnie set her bag down next to her seat, a denim thing that wasn't very full for the first day of school and continued to sit quietly, not sure if she could speak. But then she couldn't help herself, it just wasn't who she was as a person to do that.

"Hey," She greeted, turning to look at who would be her new friend. "My name is Winona, but I go by Winnie. It's nice to meet you, Luca, right?" She kind of already knew she was right, I mean the nametag was right there for conformation, but he couldn't just ignore her now that she had asked him a question.

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Alright, she won't lie, but she kind of thought he was rude at first. I mean, he obviously heard her. She was right here, and her voice wasn't the mumbling type, it wasn't the loud and yelling type either but it was definitely audible. But he was just sitting there. He wouldn't even look at her, he just sat there, not reacting or moving or anything.

God bless Winnie's patience. She could probably wait for two years and still say 'take your time' and mean it wholeheartedly. It wasn't she noticed the opening and closing of his mouth that she realized, hey, he's not rude! but maybe nervous or something? Maybe he had some speech problem and it took him a while? Who knows. But Winnie would wait, she didn't mind.

It kind of looked like he wanted to say something else, but then he just kind of turned away and looked straight again. Aw, if he was nervous this was kind of adorable. "Don't worry, I don't bite. We can take it slow if you want." Winnie reassured, turning to look forward while she spoke. Maybe he would feel more comfortable if she wasn't staring at him? Wait why was he nervous in the first place? First day jitters?

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Winnie sat there patiently, swiveling slightly in her chair. Or would it more properly be called a stool? Since these were lab benches? Hm. Who knows really? Silently Winnie debating asking the teach, some man named Mr.... L... something? It didn't matter right now anyway, he would obviously introduce himself soon, right now he was just speaking to some girl, probably talking about how her shorts were too short and her shirt was also pretty short and she was showing an indecent amount of skin and what would her mother think if she saw her daughter dressed like that? Something like that.

Anyway, Winnie turned back towards Luca once he started talking, and even though he stuttered a lot, she still smiled at him once he finished. Well, not just smiled, but it was that cute thing the anime characters do? You know, close their eyes and smile cutely and just sit there with that happy face like "Aw wow thanks!" except Winnie actually said that followed by something like, "I like the color, it's bright and happy. Just like today, don't you think?

Oh, she was always such an optimist. Always. I mean yeah, if you giver her a good reason for sadness she will allow it's presence, but otherwise she doesn't like it and would prefer if it was kept away.

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Aw. He was cute, and he liked her shirt! That was so nice of him. Usually boys never commented on what Winnie wore unless it made her look good, and not just like a 'Winnie you're so pretty!' good but the 'Winnie you should come over my house today ;))))' good and then Winnie would just laugh at them and walk away, her platinum hair being the only thing they get a good look at.

Honestly, boys sucked. Except for Luca, because even if he didn't like her shirt, it was a nice compliment to be given.

Winnie couldn't help but laugh a little when he said that her shirt was helping him, smiling at Luca before their attention was turned towards the front of the classroom, Mr. Lewis introducing himself and beginning the class. Winnie sat there quietly for a bit, listening to him go on and on for a while before she suddenly realized he was a bit bored and she would probably hear this for the rest of the day. Instead, she glanced over at the red-eared-Luca.

"Hopefully I'll be able to brighten up your school year then." She whisphered, her eyes not leaving the front of the classroom.

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