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Did you really love this book?

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Marguerite Mooers When I was buying this book a woman at the checkout counter said she loved the book, didn't see the movie because it was 'chic lit.' So I didn't have high expectations. I try to read what's current just to see what the buzz is. Bottom line, I loved it. I felt about two thirds of the way through the book, the way you feel with a fabulous dessert--you know it has to end, but you want to prolong the experience for as long as you can. JoJo Moyes has an interesting protagonist--a girl who doesn't really know what she wants, and a former aggressive money marketer who is now paralyzed. While you want the first character to find her way, your heart aches for the second character and of course the inevitable happens they fall in love. A great great story. Kudos to the author.

Jojo I loved it as well. The ending was so depressing - I thought Will would've changed his mind but of course it was inevitable :(

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Marguerite Mooers Yeah. It was a sad ending, but it would have been a further life of misery for him. I understand that she has a sequel to this book, which will be interesting to read.

Jojo That's true. Do you think 'After you' will be made into a film as well?

Villi I really like this book, but

Tariqah Yes, I really loved this book. Jojo Moyes has a pretty captivating, relatable-style of writing; you can picture just about every word. The ending was surprising but absolutely perfect because of that. This is your typical masterpiece.

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