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Leaders may only be seniors, and seconds must be at least a junior. If the moderator in charge of the clique decides to allow co-leaders, etc., then there may be more than one, but they still must be seniors. Other roles come on first-come, first-serve basis unless they are co-leaders.

Danielle "Dani" Yeon ( corina )
Second-in-Command: Julian Hennessy ( scout )
Connections Kid: Lee Jin-Woo ( dyanne )
Poster Child: Lyssa Evans ( kaya )
The Party Gal: Rosemary Keats ( red )
"Yooo I Got the Booze!": Daichi "Day" Takuto ( rea )
Gossip Girl + Recruiter: Habiba Botros ( shad )
Mayor's Kid: Olivia Lockwood ( minx )

Other Members:
Homura Claudas ( rea )
Adam Lundstedt ( dyanne )
Lyanna Wilkinson ( bree )
Ezra Dalton III ( bree )
Alycia Rhodes ( meli )
Eliza Jabiro ( anahi )
Vincent King ( devo )

Noah Monceaux ( scout )
Winona Smith ( red )
Wendy Baek ( jenn )
Charlotte Hilton ( scout )
Nikita Chan ( juno )

Alana le Douche ( kaya )
Karine Beauchene ( alex )


Explanations for Main Roles:
Second-in-Command: Self-explanatory. Takes command when the leader is MIA or out of commission for any reason.
Connections Kid: Go to them to get your homework done by a Nerd or to get out of trouble. Or literally anything. Knows like, all of RNHS' student body and staff.
Poster Child: The face and smile of the group. Always goes to charity events. Beloved by the local media. Is lowkey the PR rep of the group.
The Party Gal: Hosts lit parties at their great beachfront mansion. It's not a party if it isn't at their house.
"Yooo I Got the Booze!": Always provides the alcohol (and drugs) at parties. Go-to supplier for the entire clique.
Gossip Girl/Guy + Recruiter: Knows everyone's business, and especially their financial situation. Recruits anyone within the financial parameters to join the group.
Mayor's Kid: Also self-explanatory. Literally the LA mayor's kid. Very influential with the Adults, if you need some strings pulled for something major. Will probably inherit half of LA one day.
*Any of these characters can be either male or female, but do try to keep the gender ratio relatively even, please.

These eight make up the inner circle of this clique. However, the divide is barely noticeable, as these roles are unofficial and the Rich Kids™ are very inclusive of their own.

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Make sure to read descriptions before you claim / make characters. And don't forget to add the main role to your character's profile.

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