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Leaders may only be seniors, and seconds must be at least a junior. If the moderator in charge of the clique decides to allow co-leaders, etc., then there may be more than one, but they still must be seniors. Other roles come on first-come, first-serve basis unless they are co-leaders.

ASB President:
Jonathan Garner (Aubree)
ASB Vice President: tba (Corina)
Secretary: Fidela Bosque (Melisquish)
Treasurer: Trianta Percy (Rea)
Publicity: tba (Dyanne)
Senior Class President: tba (Anahi)
Senior Class Vice President: tba (Shad)
Junior Class President: tba (Juno)
Junior Class Vice President: Hankyung Jeon (Scout)
Sophomore Class President:
Sophomore Class Vice President: tba (Jenn)
Freshman Class President: tba (red)
Freshman Class Vice President:

Other Members:




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can i take sophomore class vice president? :)

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