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Please wait for approval before RP.

Grade: (9-12)
Position: (in clique; if applicable)

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( J O N A T H A NG A R N E R )
eighteen, senior, student council president, homosexual

Here's the short version: Jon's father is a minister. Jon's mother is staunchly against same-sex marriage. Jon's older brother is a vicar with a pretty wife, a house with a picket fence, and six (yes, six) pretty little children. And Jon? Is very much gay. So you see his problem.

As a result of this lovely situation, Jonathan is so far in the closet that he's not sure which way the door is anymore. And not everything is bad, of course — he has his place at school, he has his friends. Well — even that's uncertain, these days. After everything that went down after Danielle's party... after he gave David the key, even after promising that he wouldn't... he wouldn't surprised if he lost everything, now.

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━ F I D E L AE L E N I T A ━ B O S Q U E
━ 18 ━ femme ━ hetero ━ senior ━ student leadership ━ secretary ━

She is a whirlwind of activity, never stopping the movement but never really getting anywhere. She is the girl you see in the hallway, who you pass on multiple occasions but never truly collide with. She is the girl always surrounded by people yet who always seems to be standing alone. She is the girl who is different, but she has never been shunned for it.

On the contrary, she has been embraced for it. See her, and people seem to feel an automatic need to protect her from the world, to shelter her from it's horrors. Everyone she meets seems to like her, and she's never really been sure why. Perhaps it's impossible to dislike someone incapable of such a feeling. Perhaps it's a sort of instinct deep within them that tells them to never harm the girl standing in front of them.

Whatever the case, Fidela somehow managed to get the secretary spot on the Student Leadership team. Sure, she's extremely disorganized and unprofessional, but she's got neat handwriting and types fast. Also, who couldn't give this girl everything she wants? Certainly not the Student Leadership team.

━━ I know it's hard sometimes but it's fun to fantasize ━━

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