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To be posted by moderators.

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it would be pretty sweet if y'all could invite your friends :)

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Forgot to say this before, but I don't mind if you RP with your character in multiple RPs at once, as long as they're not everywhere, lol.

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You can find all the characters at the Character Roster. You can also use this tool to get an idea of how many characters are in each clique, as well as the gender ratio.

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The group has been made private to streamline the amount of new members, at least for the time being. If you have friends interested in joining, they are free to put in a request to join and the moderators will see to it. Thank you for understanding.

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If anyone has ideas for new locations, please let us know! :)

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Please update your characters' statuses on the Relationship Status page.

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A reminder that there was ONE (1) accident at Rosemary's party. The characters involved have been made. Your character may have been at the party, and that's that.

Additionally, this takes place at a public high school in a very diverse community. Meaning that no, this is not some elitist private school. The point is that there are many different types of people who stick to people more like them, hence the cliques.

Also, please mind the template given.

Thank you.

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