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The Ukrainian Egg Mystery
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. Girls hockey team takes on pro Russian team [s]

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Sorcia MacNasty (sorcia_macnasty) | 10 comments There's a group of girls going to play in a hockey match, and they go to Russia. I remember there was a scene where they were fascinated by the weird flavors of gum you could get in Russia. There's some weird mix-up and they end up having to play the pro men's hockey team. This was in the 80's, but might have been published in the late 70's.

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Lobstergirl | 40097 comments Mod
The Ukrainian Egg Mystery?

1) The hockey team of a small girl's school gets on the wrong airplane and ends up involved in an international match in the Soviet Union and a search for missing jewels.

2) It was the most exciting night of their lives. As the ice hockey team from Miss Westminster's Fine School for Girls boarded the plane, they were reminded by Miss Westminster herself that the honor and glory of their school was on the line. They had to win the National Ice Hockey Championship in Buffalo...except the plane was not headed for Buffalo!

It seemed strange to be ushered aboard a New York to Buffalo flight by armed guards and to see so many passengers wearing black hats and coats and dark glasses. But it was the daffy Russian princess wearing a diamond tiara and white sequined evening gown who revealed their true destination. They were on their way to Russia! And the - princess wanted them to smuggle a decorated egg containing secret information into the U.S.S.R.!

For Miss Westminster's girls, it was the beginning of a great adventure in pursuit of ice hockey glory and the secrets of the mysterious egg--a zany trip through Russia that took them from the Moscow Ice Hockey Palace to Gorky Park, to the grand and beautiful G.U.M. Palace, and finally...on to Buffalo!

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Sorcia MacNasty (sorcia_macnasty) | 10 comments YASSS!! Thank you so much! It was driving me crazy!

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