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My characters were inspired by the Marvel movies. The Avengers and the Asgardians inspired me.

OTHER characters I have appeared in my dreams with names already picked out on paper. The looks, outfits, and the ages were already picked out. All the Children in my dreams were ages 10+. My adults(NO MATURE CONTENTS IN MY STORIES) are ages 20+.

AND OTHERS were inspired by my close family members and best friends.

I write down all the characters in my notebook and then I start writing stories.

message 2: by Hallie (new)

Hallie (inkyhallie) I basically put myself in the character's shoes, and go on developing them. Sometimes they have my attributes, though.

message 3: by Sandy (new)

Sandy Frediani My characters are very much their stories. The only ones I had to "come up with" were the very first. Even then, after the first draft, they became whole personalities. It's been a trip seeing them grow and interact throughout the series. When writing, I am very much in my character's heads. I don't know that I develop them as much as let them "do their thing." Since this is a multi-generational story, I see my people interact with not only surroundings and events, but with family members.

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E.C. Kraeft (goodreadscomeckraeft) | 31 comments I actually create the story in my head first. Then I imagine the protagonist and/or its antagonist that fits into the story. What traits would they have to make the story more interesting? What traits work together and what traits don't. Then I create the back stories. I love daydreaming about the back stories. Its kind of like you create a "frankenstein" and throw them into the mix.
Here is a good book to use for inspiration when developing characters. The Writer's Guide to Character Traits Includes Profiles of Human Behaviors and Personality Types  by Linda N. Edelstein

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E.C. Kraeft (goodreadscomeckraeft) | 31 comments I would love to read about any characters that have stood out to you? What traits did they have? What made them connect or not connect with you?

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TessaMarie Beard | 0 comments I don't really know, my characters just kinda come to me. Like I'll be walking down the road and think, hmmm, this character needs a backstory, and I just make it up. If it needs t be changed or fixed I adapt.
However, I do have a kinda weird suggestion for when it comes to making your characters. There are a ton of online tests and quizzes about stuff like, which Hogwarts house are you in, or what is your spirit animal, or who is your godly parent. Stuff like that, if you try to take the quizzes in the mind of your character, it actually helps a lot with characterization. They ask you some really in depth questions that really help you to get to the bottom of your characters. It may seem strange, but it really does help if you are looking to develop your characters more.

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