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Paul (halfmanhalfbook) | 5463 comments Mod
Spoilers are allowed in this thread. Please unselect 'Add to my update feed' so other don't see your comments.
Things to consider:
1. Did you like the book?
2. Did you like or dislike the main characters?
3. Do the characters develop?
4. What did you think of the plot and the ending of the story?
5. Do you have any particular favourite quotes or scenes?
6. Would you read anything else by this author?

Virgowriter (Brad Windhauser) | 6 comments Twisted. Like Lord of the Flies, except with adults, set in a modern high rise.

I appreciated the characters versus liking them. The author brings us close enough to appreciate why they make the decisions the do but I don't know that I knew enough about them to get the full picture. A lot of actions defy logic but that's the point. The author could have developed further and deepened his exploration, but perhaps it wouldn't have worked as well?

Infused with commentary on every page but never bogged down in it. For example, the story could have explored the outside world, even managed the brief scene with the cops further--how wouldn't cops or any authority come by, especially given all debris outside. I don't believe that the construction conditions could have masked everything. Containing everything in this building forced readers to witness the descent into moral unraveling.

Well paced--I was drawn in the moment that bottle smashed on the balcony, in part because it seemed so appropriate for the setting.

message 3: by Jan (new) - rated it 2 stars

Jan Notzon | 261 comments Here is my painstakingly thorough, eminently erudite and consummately detailed critical analysis of this book: YEUGHHH!

message 4: by Wendy (new)

Wendy I haven't read the book Jan so I can't comment on your analysis, but it amused me nonetheless

Sandy | 458 comments I'm reading the book now, and I watched the movie. Jan what did you rate the book?

message 6: by Jan (new) - rated it 2 stars

Jan Notzon | 261 comments I haven't rated it. I'd have a hard time doing so. It is intriguing, but repellent at the same time. Can't say much for its verisimilitude, but the characters are believable (though, to me, their actions aren't). On the other hand, I was never bored. If forced, I'd say two and a half stars.

Sandy | 458 comments I thought the idea of the building and how it was like it's own society was interesting. I must admit I was occasionally lost with the meaning of everything. The movie was equally confusing. Thanks for rating it. I was just trying to get an idea of what you though: )

Sandy | 458 comments * thought

Bonnie (bst677) Wow this is going to be a very cerebral read. I had to look up 6 words in the dictionary in the first chapter alone! Intriguing so far though.

Annette Jordan | 50 comments I loved it, dark for sure, but fascinating. At first it almost seems like the building is a character in its own right. I loved the idea that while society was breaking down in this one little corner of the world, nobody outside seemed to realise anything was wrong. The pacing was great, so much packed into a little book, and yet it never seemed rushed.

Marie (Marieatbook-chatter) | 1 comments I thought the book was brilliant! I liked how 3 main characters reflected the tiers of society. Like Annette, I thought the building came off as it's own character, thereby making the characters different psychological facets of the building. I thought the pace was great, kept me eager to read more. I have never read anything by this author previously, and even though this isn't my usual cup of tea, I would consider reading more of his work.

Kevin H | 38 comments I'm obviously a few days late on finishing this up. While the premise was engaging, I felt like there was a lot of room for expansion. Like Virgowriter said, I wish they had talked more about the outside world's reaction to the tower. And you would have thought that people would have been bolting out of there. I think it was trying to be an adults version of Lord of the Flies. However, unlike the kids on the island, the adults could have walked away at any time.

I do understand that the book is an allegory on society. In fact, it was kind of hard to miss it as the author seemed to be beating you over the head with it.

message 13: by Paul (new) - rated it 2 stars

Paul (halfmanhalfbook) | 5463 comments Mod
Finished this late Friday. In some ways I liked it, in others not; probably on reflection because you can see just how quickly a bunch of humans could rapidly descend to this sort of behaviour. It is chilling stuff. Felt the characters were a little two dimensional and didn't really and development.

Didn't realise that it had been made into a film. May watch that at some point

My review is here

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