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message 1: by Bryan (new)

Bryan Snyder | 10 comments Hey, everyone.

This book was attributed to the wrong "Bryan Snyder" and not to me. I believe this is my author page:

And here's the book again:

How do I get this book under my jurisdiction, so to speak?

Thanks a lot for the help!

- Bryan

message 2: by Mohamed (new)

Mohamed Yosri (yosri) Updated.

Your name have 2 spaces.

message 3: by Bryan (new)

Bryan Snyder | 10 comments Thanks so much Mohamed!

Of course, what does that mean that my name has 2 spaces?

message 4: by Mohamed (new)

Mohamed Yosri (yosri) To differentiate authors with same name, additional spaces (invisible) is inserted between different authors names.

message 5: by Bryan (new)

Bryan Snyder | 10 comments So the spaces are inserted between the first and last names?

Do I need to remember this for any reason in the future, besides when I publish a new book?

message 6: by Mohamed (new)

Mohamed Yosri (yosri) Yes.

Only to add your books in Goodreads, not for other sites. :)

message 7: by Bryan (new)

Bryan Snyder | 10 comments Okay, cool.

Thanks so much for all the assistance, Mohamed! I've been meaning to tackle this issue for a while now, and you made it so easy.

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