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Skye (Skye's Scribblings) | 241 comments Mod
THE GIVEAWAYS ARE STILL OPEN!! They, along with the discussion, will remain open until July 17th. You could win an ARC of Prudence, a hardcover of Imprudence, and Carriger buttons!

Welcome to the fourth and final review in the PRUDENCE READ-ALONG, hosted here and on Skye's Scribblings! (For information on the Read-Along, see the Introduction post here.) Below are my brief thoughts on this week's final chapters, as well as the final Q&A with the author, and don't forget to enter the giveaways at the end for the chance to win great prizes!

This week we read FINAL CHAPTERS 13-16.


After some fuzzy mischief, Rue reaches her destination only to get bogged down in misunderstandings and politics before all the wrong parties appear and cause unnecessary chaos. Fighting ensues, but after showing quite a lot of skin and absconding with important factors, Rue is able to issue some floating diplomacy and broker tentative negotiations. In the end Rue makes several possible new allies, a few potential enemies, and gains a mysterious new crew member.


Plot & Politics: While all the miscommunication caused the climax to be a bit drawn out and clumsy, I enjoyed the playful nature of the characters in the face of violent skirmishes and serious political snafus. Although I felt the whole political matter was handled rather haphazardly, it created an unpredictability that really fit Rue and the tone of the book, and as one not for politics (at all) I found them not only easy to follow but rather entertaining.

Characters & Final Thoughts: Thinking back, Rue wasn't a favorite character my first read, and like many of you have commented over the read-along it was the secondary characters that really engaged me. But this second read allowed me to study the nuances of Rue's personality more closely, and although the crew are still what really make this book for me, Rue grew on me significantly and I'm excited to continue her adventures in Imprudence!


Character: Tasherit. Her feline ways compel such interesting reactions from others, and I look forward to hopefully discovering more about her and her mysterious past in future stories!

Scene: The final tea. As it was for the characters I enjoyed the relaxing release after all the action and politics.


"Oh, hello, Percy? How are you? Still revolting? Good. Anyway, where was I?"

>>So what were your thoughts on the final chapters? Join the discussion below or Comment on the blog post here!<<



Q. What are four things we can look forward to in IMPRUDENCE?

A. Well there’s a major reveal about one well-loved character’s past, totally unexpected dark family secrets, seriously unsettling power transitions, and some shocking lessons concerning the French language.


In honor of the Read-Along, Ms Gail has generously donated two signed Prudence ARCs!! As these would be a special addition to any Carriger fan collection, this giveaway will be open to Gail Carriger Fan Group Members only. (US addresses only though, apologies International fans!) Want an ARC for your collection? Just be or become a Fan Group member and join the read-along discussion!



And don't forget I'm also holding a giveaway on Skye's Scribblings for a Carriger button set and a hardcover of Book 2, Imprudence, which you can enter HERE.

(Important Giveaways Note: If you post your discussion comments on the Goodreads Fan Group, your single post link can be entered into both giveaway forms - you don't have to post at both locations, or do more than one post. Unless you want to, of course! ;)

Lulu (lulufritz) | 4 comments I finished it!

For my first read, I will say that Rue was not overly likable but as the story went on she was less bothersome.

I do agree that the skirmishes and the political snafus took too much time in the end. I do not know if I agree with the decision that losing her tether to Tasherit and her scarf was the only way to stop the fighting that was happening at that time.

The final tea aboard the Spotted Custard was pretty awesome.

I rather liked the image of the Spotted Custard crew scooping up tea plants behind the Vanara’s backs.

I am really looking forward to more Tasherit, Spoo and Virgil, as well as how it all plays out when they return home.

Does anyone think the Kingair pack stays in India?

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