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Into the Wilderness (Wilderness, #1)
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 Olivermagnus (lynda214) | 2305 comments This epic tale tells the story of a twenty-nine-year-old Englishwoman, Elizabeth Middleton, who travels to a remote area of New York State in 1792 to live with her father and brother. Elizabeth was raised by her aunt in England and is very serious about her independence. She wants to set up a school in New York for children of all races and has no intention of ever marrying. She soon meets and falls in love with Nathaniel Bonner, a white man who was raised among Native Americans. He and his family act as protectors for the last of the Mohawk tribes still living in the area. The novel follows the adventures of Elizabeth and Nathaniel, who are forced to flee into the Mohawk lands, and try to stay one step ahead of Richard Todd, a man determined to marry Elizabeth for the land she owns.

The book I read had 898 pages so the plot is too long and interwoven to describe. Additionally, there are five other volumes in the continuing series. Several characters narrate the story but Elizabeth and Nathaniel are the primary storytellers. The book includes a list of characters and a map at the beginning which might prove helpful. I never felt the need to refer to it because I felt like the individual characters were written so well I could always remember who they were. There were several times when I was rapidly turning the pages to see what would happen next.

I thought the details of early American culture along with the details about the Mohawk way of life were fascinating. This is also a love story and the combination of history and romance was just right. I don't know when I'll get to them, but I'm definitely planning to continue the series. I recommend it and hope the others are just as compelling.

Jgrace | 3054 comments This is the only one I've read of The Wilderness series, but I enjoyed her newest book, The Gilded Hour. I question how historically accurate her independent, feminist female characters can be, but they are likable.

Ladyslott | 1880 comments This is one of my all time favorite books, I have read 4 of the series and have the last two on my shelves.

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