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Kitchen Confidential: Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly
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July 2016: Biography Memoir > Kitchen Confidential - Anthony Bourdain - 4 stars

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Kelly | 834 comments Kitchen Confidential is about the life of chef Anthony Bourdain. It focuses from when he was young and was first inspired by food, to when he decided to become a chef, and through his failures and successes as one in New York City. The book talks about the culture and atmosphere of kitchens he has worked in with their army type instructions to be followed and often a crudeness that chefs find humorous. His honesty and advice to readers is helpful. I will be weary of fish specials on Mondays and some items on a buffet. I do feel that with so many cooking shows and books of the food Industry available to the viewer today that things in his book were not as shocking as maybe they would have been if I had not seen or read others. I enjoyed his life story and admit I have watched his show on CNN or if he is on Top Chef. I felt this book reads like Bourdain talks on these shows and that seemed genuine to me. He also did not try to hide some of his personal struggles or pretend to be something other than who he is. His respect for good food, those who work in his kitchen and other chefs that he sees as creative or having taught him how to run a restaurant definitely comes across.

Jennifer Pope (jenjunum) | 902 comments I liked this one a lot. It came out a while ago, before many of the reality TV shows for high end food (Top Chef), so I found it more shocking then. My I like Bourdain too. I agree, it felt genuine and he certainly didn't let himself off easily.

Ladyslott | 1880 comments I read this book years ago, I was fascinated by it because I worked in restaurants for more than 20 years, starting at 15. He speaks the truth in this book. I know or have known many of the people he talks about and much of life in a kitchen. I don't think I would like him personally, but I haven't met many chefs I really like. They are all brilliant, but temperamental and nasty AF

message 4: by Joi (new) - rated it 4 stars

Joi (missjoious) | 3832 comments I really liked this one also. Being from the industry it definitely has some "back scene" truths to it that a lot of people probably don't realize about the food industry. I feel like a lot of chefs are in the back of the house for a reason. Often times great amazing people, but can have a short to the point way of talking that can come across as rude. I'm really good friends with a lot of cooks, but would NEVER want them taking to guests and customers in the front of house. I still think it's hilarious that the best cooks smoke cigarettes! I don't know what or why, and I feel like it should be gross because they're touching your food... but it's super common for the best cooks to smoke cigs!

Anthony Bourdain comes across pretty douchey sometimes on TV, so I liked the memoir being able to show another side of him.

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Regina Lindsey | 1005 comments " I will be weary of fish specials on Mondays and some items on a buffet. " LOL I'm always weary of items on a buffet

Anita Pomerantz | 6675 comments I loved this book too even though I only worked in a restaurant for like three months as a hostess. It was the hardest job I ever did. I pretty much figured out the restaurant world wasn't for me. The chefs were mean. The servers were often mad. And the management made me lie to customers about the wait times, so the customers were pretty annoyed most of the time too. The whole experience made me realize that there was no way I could ever do that again - - you need to be tough!

The book definitely seemed like straight shooting to me. And I STILL think about the wisdom of eating fish on certain nights.

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