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message 1: by Adrian (new)

Adrian Collins (grimdarkmagazine) | 6 comments To kick off the final funding push for the EVIL IS A MATTER OF PERSPECTIVE Kickstarter anthology, the Grimdark Fiction Readers and Writers (GFRW) group is about to host one of the biggest book giveaways of the year on Saturday the 9th of July (PTD)! Make sure you're a member of GFRW to catch the action.

We'll have author AMAs, book giveaways (signed books and ebooks), competitions and plenty of random fun! There will be two sessions run with different authors, so make sure you're there to chat, probably snort-laugh, and win cool stuff. So far, here's the list of authors:

AMA Session One
Starts 6:30am PTD (L.A.) / 2:30pm GMT (London)
Kaaron Warren | 6:30am PTD
Teresa Frohock | 7:10am PTD
Alex Marshall (Jesse Bullington) | 7:30am PTD
Michael R. Fletcher | 7:50am PTD
Shawn Speakman | 8:10am PTD

AMA Session Two
Starts 1:00pm PTD (L.A.) / 9:00pm GMT (London)
Deborah A Wolf | 1:00pm PTD
Mazarkis Williams | 1:20pm PTD
Jeff Salyards | 1:40pm PTD
Marc Turner | 2:00pm PTD
Matthew Ward | 2:20pm PTD
Courtney Schafer | 5:00pm PTD
Janny Wurts (TBA, and I'll be communicating on her behalf as she doesn't have a personal FB account)

Here's a list of the goodies that authors (or the GdM team) will be giving away during the two sessions!
- Signed THE GATE THEORY by Kaaron Warren
- Signed LOS NEFILIM + a unique bookmark made by Teresa Frohock (US only)
- 2 x signed A CROWN FOR COLD SILVER paperbacks by Alex Marshall (US only)
- 1 x signed paperback and 2 x ebook download codes for BEYOND REDEMPTION By Michael R. Fletcher (Canada and US only for paperback)
- Signed TO RIDE HELL'S CHASM hardcover by Janny Wurts
- KNIFE SWORN paperback by Mazarkis Williams (US only)
- 2 x signed SCOURGE OF THE BETRAYER by Jeff Salyards (US only)
- 2 x DRAGON HUNTERS by Marc Turner (1 x US and 1 x UK; UK is signed)
- 5 x unreleased short story ebook TRAILSFORDS ARCHWAY by Matthew Ward
- 1 x signed paperback and 2 x ebooks of THE WHITEFIRE CROSSING by Courtney Schafer (US postage on paperback only)
- UNBOUND edited by Shawn Speakman (US only)

Let all your mates know, make sure you're in the GFRW group ASAP, and get involved!
GFRW Group:

Kickstarter page:

If you're not sure of the timezone you're in, in relation to PTD, here's an easy to use online tool to help you out:

message 2: by Tracey the Lizard Queen, First In, Last Out (new)

Tracey the Lizard Queen | 573 comments Mod
I'll be there!

message 3: by Adrian (new)

Adrian Collins (grimdarkmagazine) | 6 comments See you soon Tracey!

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