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[Full Name:]
[Meaning of Name:]
[Relationship Status:]
[God/Demi-God Of:]

[Zodiac Sign:]
[Blood Type:]
[God/Goddess Parent:] (If they're a Demi-God)


[Clothing Style:]
[Face Claim:]


[Deadly Secrets and Things to Know:]




[Favorite Things:]


[Interesting Facts:]
[Theme Song:]

The Outsider (Whales or Whatever) (davekatislife) | 50 comments Mod
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▹× Age N/A ▹× Male, genderfluid ▹× Pansexual ▹× Birth N/A
▹× Capricorn ▹× Satan ▹× The Outsider ▹×One with the void

❝PHILOSOPHY. ‘‘How you use what I have given you falls upon you, as it has to the others before you. And now, I return you to your world, but know that I will be watching with great interest.
━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ i have lost myself in the ∂αякdescription descriptiondescription
but you are my ℓιgнt━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━

▓× × × P E R S O N A▓

( i. ) вιologιcal ιnғorмaтιon}
name• • Cryaotic Timothy Aetherius
age• • Ageless
gender• • Male, genderfluid biologically
sexuality• • Instinctual

( ii. ) ѕpecιeѕ ιnғorмaтιon}
species• •The Outsider
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species rarity• • Only one in existence
powers• • Listed below
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alignment • • Chaotic Neutral

▓× × × A P P E A R A N C E▓

( IV. ) pнyѕιcal ιnғorмaтιon}
eyes• • Bright electric blue/brown
hair• • Brown, black, on occasion an ashy blonde
general build• • Muscular and fit
height• • 5'7
weight• • 150 lbs
scent• • Coconut
clothing style• •
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notable characteristics• •
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━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ i will love you till the end of тιмєdescription descriptiondescription
promise to remember that you're мιηє━━━━━━━━━━━━━

The Outsider (Whales or Whatever) (davekatislife) | 50 comments Mod
▓× × × P E R S O N A L I T Y▓

▌│█║▌║▌║ ∂εscяιρтιση ║▌║▌║█│▌
Cry is a figure of mystery, shrouded in a thick veil of unknowing. There are very few people that actually know what he is, let alone, have seen him in person. Those are usually the ones who don't have a single bit of connection to him until that very moment. In fact it's very common that he doesn't even acknowledge his own worshippers, and instead, regards them with a bit of distaste. However, it is notable that thousands of years ago, before the industrial revolution, before civilization could even be documented, Cry was worshipped by pretty much the entire population of the planet. An ancient society forgotten, buried in a time that cannot be calculated by man today. They carved runes and charms for him. Runes and charms that can still be found, buried in sands along the sides of beaches, and some even collect these charms, as they hold a rather mystical aura. Those who Cry marks draw energy from these charms and runes, and are gifted with more powers in return. They usually take the form of a symbol drawn carefully onto the bone of a whale, or any other animal really.
Personality wise, Cry seems to have an insatiable curiosity towards the outcomes of situations in which he rewards someone with more power than they've ever had before, and gives them free reign on that power. He never places conditions on those who he gifts, even more notably so, he never ranks the people he gifts on hierarchy or effort. For instance, the majority of those who are already gifted with his mark never seeked him out beforehand. It's quite simple really, he only goes after those who interest him. Predictability is something of which he tries his best to avoid. Speaking of gifts, he usually gifts people in their moments of complete and utter destruction. When people are at their worst, rock bottom. He builds them up. And sometimes, he breaks them back down into something worse than they were before. And he bestows these gifts through dreams.
He remains in a neutral disposition towards all of the world's current events. His morality is strictly grey, and he does not believe that the world has ever been, or will ever be, black and white. And while he is not particularly omniscient, he is cursed to see horrible glimpses of all time and space. Paths branch out before him and sometimes, from his place in the void, he can study these paths. But people have a thousand different paths. And just because he knows maybe ten or so possibilities, never means he knows that the person will take those routes. But he doesn't really need to see paths if he already has a clear idea of what a person will do. Because some people are just that painfully predictable. And he finds it disgusting.

( V. ) perѕonal ιnғorмaтιon}
likes• •
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dislikes• •
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weaknesses• •
(view spoiler)
strengths• •
(view spoiler)
talents• •
(view spoiler)

theme song• •
Gold Dust Woman

▌│█║▌║▌║ нιsтσяү ║▌║▌║█│▌
There isn't much information on the Outsider that people could clearly and concisely put into words. There is a lot speculation, a lot of theories and concepts. Many people believe that by saying certain things around certain objects such as runes, they can provoke him into appearing. Which is entirely false. Cry is a very unique god. As he doesn't have a required set of rules or scriptures. He represents imagination, creativity, nothingness, void, and many other concepts that conservative religions generally abhor. Many scholars at the Abbey of the Everyman (an association, or rather, a cult of people known as the Overseers, who are devoted to loathing The Outsider) note that The Outsider may actually feel human emotions, but has inhuman perception. Making him an almost alien like deity. And while he historically does not intervene in human conducts directly, he has been rather notorious among the marked, to become verbally hostile towards those that abuse the power given to them in a way that would deem others powerless and helpless. And those gifted by him often speculate themselves that this is because of a traumatic event that he once endured.
In fact, one of the world's most intelligent mind's, who was quite intrigued by the Outsider, theorized that he was once a man, or rather, a boy, aged at fifteen, taken by an ancient long forgotten cult, and adorned in the finest jewelry, before he was brutally murdered and offered to the void, the void at which he became one with.
And that isn't far from right.

━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ With every вℓσωdescription descriptiondescription
comes another ℓιє━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━

‘‘Careful, there's always a price to pay, what you decide will ripple across the years, blood in the gutters, corruption on the wing, it'll be fun watching this unfold. What will you do with the power I've given you? How will you make your mark, on this wretched world?

Spadez (or Kadyn) | 194 comments Mod

There is no occupation that doesn't have it's difficulties. That's why the rest is how much you're able to endure after all the humiliation you face.


[Full Name:] Amaterasu Elizabeth Amachi
[Meaning of Name:] Amaterasu - Shining over Heaven. Elizabeth - Oath of God. Amachi - Heavens; Imperial; Sky.
*Goddess of all Creation and Peace
[Species:] Goddess
[Race:] No one knows. She's fluent in all languages
[Gender:] Female
[Relationship Status:] Single
[Crush:] Her guardian angel
[Sexuality:] Lesbian
[God/Demi-God:] Goddess

[Birthday:] No one knows, but she tells people its March 23
[Zodiac Sign:] Aries
[Blood Type:] B+

{Appearance:} http://pm1.narvii.com/5822/344db44ce2... (view spoiler)

[Hair:] Blonde
[Eyes:] Dark Red
[Height:] 5'2
[Weight:] 110 lbs
[Clothing Style:] Usually consists of a red or black short Victorian styled dress with a matching bow in her hair
[Build:] Feminine, curvy
[Face Claim:] Rinko Ogasawara


[Description:] Amy has many different personalities, all of which are hidden from most people. To her followers and strangers, she is calm, collected, patient and a born leader. She always knows the right decisions to make in order to make sure no one gets hurt in the process. She never hates or abandons her people, no matter how many mistakes they make and she never seems to forget them either, even if they choose to stop serving her. She treats mostly everyone like she's there big sister or mother and she always has a gentle smile on her face, making it rather easy to approach her with any problems you may need her help with.
She does, however, keep many secrets and many things to herself, not even telling her guardian angel, Misaki, about, whom she is very fond of. She has a lot of insecurities and seems to push herself past her limits to where at times she'll black out due to having not eaten or slept for days. She has no fears except of her twin brother, whom she never speaks about to anyone. She hates being alone but adapts to it.
The only person she's ever close to is Misaki. Misaki is her guardian angel. The first angel she ever created whom has been by her side threw thick and thin. She'll never admit it, but she's very fond of Misaki. Some, if they put two and two together, can even tell that she MIGHT even be in love with Misaki. But, no one knows for sure since she never answers them. She's not quite sure herself. She fears love. She fears if she dies, Misaki will be all alone. But if Misaki dies, then she'll be the one whom is alone, so she puts up walls to try to keep Misaki out. Though, often fails miserably to do so.
Amy is very polite, formal and has great manors. She sits up straight no matter what and always remembers to say 'please' or 'thank you'. She's also known to wear dresses that aren't too 'goddy', being she isn't fond of showing off her body to others.
[Deadly Secrets and Things to Know:]
*Easily jealous
*Clingy at times
*Would rather go out on adventures then to stay cooped up in her house all day
*Considered a yandere if anyone tries to flirt with Misaki


Please don't think that anyone could feel better after alcohol.

-Victorian Styled stuff
-Her brother
-Pain/Seeing others getting hurt
-Picking a side in an argument/Arguments in general


Im in love with you. How long do you think I can endure having you right in front of me, and keep myself from touching you? I'm not that strong of a person..

-Peaceful settings (A sunny, quiet day, calming colors, etc.)

-Corrupt people
-Seeing death


Actually, I.. Im happy.. That I get to experience such wonderful things with you..

[Favorite Things:]
*Sunny days
*Anything to do with the Victorian Era
*Misaki (Secretly)
[History:] Amy was never created, she was just.. There. No one, not even herself, are aware of how she came to be. She was there, in the empty, dark space. She needed something to do. She wanted to create things. She wanted to have things to watch over and to protect, so thats when she decided to make the many universes and everything in it. After created Earth, she made the angels, the first one being Misaki, whom is still by her side to this very day. She then created the people and the animals. But, something wasn't right. It was all too perfect, but it didn't last long. For she had a brother. This brother, her twin, was the opposite of her. He couldn't create, he could only destroy. And thats what he did. He started to corrupt her world. She had to choose, her brother, or all the creations she made? To keep him from causing any more chaos, she locked him up in a cage for many years. Though, the chaos had already corrupted her world, and it became nearly impossible to protect them all. She had to think of something, and quick. With all her power, she used it to make herself vanish and be reborn on earth. She was born and raised by a happy, wealthy family and took up art and writing while there. She didn't remember her past life, however, until a few years ago when she came face to face with Misaki once again. Upon seeing her, it unleashed her powers once again. She has now made it her purpose to protect people on earth, while continuing to live on earth as well.


Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle


[Stability:] 1/10 (10 being the worse)
[Interesting Facts:]
*Rarely anyone knows she has a twin, since she never talks about him
*Only person she acts herself around is Misaki
*Her brother is probably the only thing in existence she doesn't particularly like
*She's one of the few gods without a creator or parents
[Friends:] Open
[Enemies:] Open
[Family:] Twin brother, Cry
[Weapon:] None (Doesn't believe in violence)
[Theme Song:]

The truth is, everyone is going to hurt you. You just have to find the one's worth suffering for.

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First Name: Misaki
Last Name: Fujita
Nick Name: Misa, Aki, Guardian angel.
Meaning of Name: Misaki [Beautiful bloom/blossom and Crescent moon] Fujita [Wisteria Field]
Species: Angel
Gender: Female

Rank: Creator's Guardian, High General
Sword: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/...
Archer Bow: http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I...
Theme Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BJbrc...

Birthday: August 14
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Blood type: AB+
Race: German

Sexuality: Bisexual
Relationship Status: Single
Crush: N/A
Liked by: Amaterasu


(view spoiler)

Height: 5'7
Weight: 120 lbs
Build: Muscular, feminine, thin, and lightweight.
Eyes: Golden yellow
Hair: Blonde
Complexion: Very light

Dressing Style:

Misaki was not born, rather, she was created by a goddess, Amaterasu, thus having no family. She remained loyal to the young goddess, serving by her side as the time passed. However, Amaterasu and her twin brother, Cry, had never been on good terms with each other throughout this. As a result, Misaki found herself separated from her goddess and sent to the human world below. Though devastated at first, she was able to gradually move on and make a living, and come to the decision to make the most of her new life. That is until she once again bumped into Amaterasu one day, who had been reborn a human now and also made her home here. Overjoyed, and having heard Amaterasu's new goal, she joined her, and now currently works to make her goal a reality.

Misaki is strong, serious, and has a stoic personality. She isn't one to falter very easily, and completes nearly all her assignments perfectly. While she usually maintains a cold outwards appearance, she's actually quite kind. She is a impeccable girl of few words, and when she does speak, her words are normally harsh and firm. She displays very little emotion, and is generally a very closed off person. Misaki can be determined and stubborn at times, a trait commonly expressed when she's around Amaterasu. Seeing as the young goddess has a much more carefree and childish personality, she holds a strong sense of duty and dedication to caring for her best she can. Her attitude towards the species involved in the apocalypse is cruel, but also logical. She`s a quick thinker and good observer, often formulating plans to aid the Elite squads. She`s curious and holds interest in many things, and tends to be a bit dramatic when experiencing new things. She cares for others, and has a different air about her. She`s also somewhat an airhead at times, and very dense.

(view spoiler)

Family: None
Pets: None
Friends: Open
Rivals: Open
-Opposing Kingdoms

~ Sweets
~ Animals
~ Working
~ Interesting objects/people
~ Cleaning

~ Bitter things
~ Disobedience


- Accuracy
- Smart
- Swordsmanship
- Kind

Interesting Facts:
- Though being an angel, Misaki takes the appearance of a normal human girl. Her angel form in not very different, an added pair of wings being the only noticeable trait.
-At times, she sees Amaterasu as like family.

- Dependable
- Strong
- Considerate
- Understanding

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Gah I love her!!

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