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message 1: by Ruth (new)

Ruth | 682 comments Looking forward to reading this one because of the historical setting and mystery elements.

Lisa (lisarosenbergsachs) | 18 comments I read this book a long time. It's one of my favorites Margaret Atwood books.

message 3: by Ruth (new)

Ruth | 682 comments I love the beginning of this book, it is instantly immersive.

Particularly I love this line p.5

"'s not easy being quiet and good, it's like hanging on the edge of a bridge when you've already fallen over; you don't seem to be moving, just dangling there, and yet it is taking all your strength."

message 4: by Ruth (new)

Ruth | 682 comments A few more chapters in I am nostalgic for old-fashioned letter writing. I am old enough to recall the excitement upon finding an actual letter in the letter box; not a news report of recent events sent as a mass mailing to a person's 'public', but an individualized rambling account sharing ones thoughts and feelings about life. The best ones had too many words to be neatly contained within the logical frame of the paper and rambled with tinier and tinier print into the margins where the lost their way and danced around the perimeter of the paper.

If you were lucky, there might even be a sketch, or a mixtape with the songs that most perfectly summed up the emotions the person sought to convey in their letter.

I have half a mind to go out and buy a quill pen, an inkwell and some sealing wax to get back to the heart of things...

message 5: by Alison (new)

Alison | 23 comments I recently moved into a new house. As I was packing one of the many bookcases, I found a paperback copy of this book. If only I had started packing earlier, I wouldn't have bought the Kindle version!

For those who have finished the book, any thoughts on what Grace really remembers from that fateful day, and what her real role was? I found myself thinking that she really didn't remember anything, and then I'd think she had participated in the killings and was fooling everyone.

I enjoyed the cast of secondary characters. I found myself thinking poorly of Dr. Simon as the story progressed. He thought so highly of himself, but was a weak man. It was Grace's interactions with him that made me doubt her innocence. Her trying to make him happy with her story lead me to think everything as made up just for him. I hoped as Grace met Jeremiah over the years that she would run away with him.

Overall this book reminded me how much I like Margaret Atwood as an author, and I'll have to make the time to read more of her works.

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