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Ruth | 682 comments Looking forward to this one, the described experiences sound action packed!

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Ruth | 682 comments Started this book today. I was surprised to learn that the author is Bahamian by birth. I was expecting an expat tale, but she actually was born in Nassau, the capital. She and her spouse move to an island with 7 inhabitants 2 hours from 'civilization' by boat. So far a tale of adventure and self reliance in a place with upredictable visitors who come by sea and without many things we city folk take for granted, like a police force.

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Ruth | 682 comments Do you have an island past?

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Ruth | 682 comments The Bahamas?

My only experience of island living was a contract I worked on a tropical island off the north coast of Australia. It was great, but I was only there for 5 weeks. Besides the beautiful vistas, fruit bats and frangipani; I remember having to keep track of the days of the week that the grocery store/restaurants were open. Also trying to spear a shark in the shallows, and the male residents asking for me to be their nurse because I found it convenient to use my knee as a resting spot for their hands while taking their blood pressures. Oops! I chalk it up to being young and dumb!

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