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Name: Zeke
Age: 15 cycles
Gender: male

::Element Specific::
Pack: Water
Rank: Elemental
Powers: Has the ability to tell if someone is guilty. He doesn't still quite realize it, due to him not being the brightest. He is just starting to figure it out.

Father: Shadow
Mother: Diamond
Sister: Crescent
Brother: Zachary
Note: all but shadow have different shapes on their heads
Crush: Miakyo
Kits: N/A

♦️ not exactly what you would call smart and witty
♦️ brave
♦️ flirtatious
♦️ boastful
♦️ loud
♦️ generally happy
♦️ unaware of what's going on around him
Fears: Acts fearless, but is really afraid of Heartless
Quirks: Tends to talk loudly
Goals: Get Miayko as his mate

Eyes: green
Pelt: Black with a white lightning bolt on his forehead
Body Type: strong and sturdy
Scars: missing the tip of his right ear


Forever Young:
When Zeke was a pup he loved it. Naps and games all day! His favorite game was to wrestle with his litter mates. He was always the strongest and kept winning until they got clever and started doing tricks on him. When it was time to become a learner he was actually upset. He loved being a pup.

Learning the Tricks:
Zeke ended up being a pretty good learner, but he still longed for the kit life. Eventually the longing left. He started to learn a few tricks and practiced to get good at them. He eventually started to beat the others again, but he still wasn't the smartest.

Elemental Life:
Now as an elemental Zeke is happy. He has also taken a liking to Miakyo. However, so has (name of third person in love triangle). He is currently trying to win her over.

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Name: York
Age: 12 cycles
Gender: female
Location of Birth: water camp clearing
Time of birth: before midnight
Season of birth: winter

:: Element Specific::
Pack: water
Rank: Element Animal
Powers: Has the ability to sway someone's perspectives. She can help change their mind. She hates to use it though. It's basically her feeding them thoughts she wants them to have.
Apprentices: open!

Father: Zach
Mother: Gale
Brother: Hercules
Crush: N/A
Kits: N/A

General: Despite York's facial expressions she is very emotional. She may not show it, but inside she is eiher happy as can be or all torn apart. She is very passionate and cares deeply about everone and thing that has at least an ounce of goodness in them. She rejoices over small things in life. She can be a little anti social, but once you talk to jer you can't get her to stop. She does hate rejection due to her miserable past. She tries to look for the good in everything, she refuses to talk about her past unless you are near and dear to her heart. York believes to always push forward and throught the bad times.
Fears: being rejected by ones she finds important
Quirks: She will show no emotion on her face unless she is really emotional

Eyes: Amber
Pelt: snow white
Body Type: swift and agile
Distinctive Markings: black right ear and left back paw

Together Forever?
As a kit York was very close with her small, happy family. She thought they were the best and were always going to be there for eachother. However, York was terribly mistaken. One night in the birth animal den she and her brother were playing while their parents talked in low voices. Hercules looked uneasy. Finally Zach called over Herculese. He told York they were leaving and never coming back. York was stunned. She watched them walk away. It was just her and her Mom, from then on out.
Emotional Rollercoaster:
After York's dad and brother left she was an emotional train wreck. She would constantly ask her mom why they left. She always got the same answer, they just weren't happy here. York was sensitive from there on out. It is odd how trusting she is.
New Leaf:
York is trying to put the past behind her. She can't wait to find out what lies ahead of her.

Night ~People Sometimes Scare Me~ Asuka

Gender Female
Age 12 Cycles
Species Wolf

Tribe Water Tribe
Rank Elemental Animal


Asuka like her sister is pure white with blue eyes. The difference is Asuka is a lot sleeker than Miyako not to mention she has a three clawed scar over her left eye. Her movements flow like water.

Asuka has a very sweet, welcoming, personality that allows her to put up with a lot of different things. In fact she's almost a little to chill as nothing seems to bother her. Well, nothing except things that include Miyako. Asuka is extremely over protective of Miyako for various reasons. Mostly because she didn't really stand by her sister as much as she should of when they were pups. It's true Asuka is very relaxed yet somehow she finds a way to be stubborn in the worst kind of situations. She'll let other people do whatever they please, but whenever you want her to do something that she doesn't want to do she's as stubborn as an ox. Some good examples of this are getting to far away from Miyako or letting someone else near Miyako. When Asuka is pushed to anger she becomes straight up demonic threatening to attack anything that isn't Miyako.


Twin Sense Asuka can sense the emotions and actions of Miyako as long as Miyako isn't purposefully trying to block her out. At times this does happen and Asuka adversely can block out Miyako.

Like Water Like Air Asuka can breath under water which comes in helpful a lot.

Family Tree





Asuka and Miyako were born to a Water Tribe wolf named Akita, however their father was in fact a Snow Tribe wolf. Asuka was very happy go lucky. Frankly she was a little stupid. She didn't understand why people looked at her and her sister with disdain, why her mother went missing one day, why her and Miyako were bounced around from Birth Animal to Birth Animal. This allowed for Asuka to be a very happy go lucky pup and frankly endear herself to a lot of the pack. Not to mention her sleeker pelt and fluid attitude reflected that of a Water Tribe animal. So she was a happy little pup who just went with things.

When Miyako and Asuka became learners Miyako completely distanced herself from Asuka. Asuka was to busy making friends to honestly care. While her sister hid in the same spot every day when they weren't training Asuka ran around and played with a surplus of friends. However there was always a nagging feeling in the back of her mind. One day that feeling finally broke through when the pair's twin sense matured on her side. Asuka spent a day in the forest crying for the strong and brave sister who never dared to shed a tear. One day she snuck away to watch Miyako train. Unfortunately that day her mentor was trusting her was another older Element Animal. But Asuka thought her sister would be fine, after all the other Learner's were all friends of Asuka. They weren't however friend's to Miyako. The poor weaker and smaller she wolf was teamed up on and the mentor did nothing. In fact Asuka will never forget what he said to this day "That's exactly what you get, you filthy half breed." Asuka burst out of hiding and decided to back up her sister. This was the fight in which Asuka got her scar and Miyako lost the tip of her ear.

When they went back to camp the sisters told Miyako's mentor who told the leader who dolled out some serious punishment to the offenders, as if fighting an angry Asuka wasn't bad enough. After that day and moving forward with their apprenticeship Asuka never left Miyako alone again. When they finally became Elemental Warriors, Asuka continued to over protective of her precious one and only sister. Her eyes had finally been opened as to why her sister acted the way she did after all. However the obsessiveness is starting to become unhealthy for Asuka. But what can she do, it's not like she can trust anyone else with her precious sister.

Night ~People Sometimes Scare Me~ Miyako

Gender Female
Age 12 Cycles
Species Wolf

Tribe Water Tribe
Rank Elemental Animal


Like Asuka, Miyako is a stunning white with blue eyes. However her eyes are much sharper, as if she's trying to judge how much you're going to make her suffer. Miyako also has a much thicker pelt than Asuka, taking after her Snow Tribe father in contrast to Asuka's relation to their mother. Despite her thick pelt her body is as lean and powerful as her sister.

Miyako first come's off as extremely cold. She won't respond to animals she doesn't know, instead only giving little signs like a twitch of her ears to show that she is in fact listening. Once you manage to melt past this coldness she will turn to acting vicious, mean, a little snippy. It takes a lot to drag her out of her many layers and walls of defensive personality. However if you can somehow make it past all of this you'll find a soft, fragile, kind she wolf whose very scared of getting hurt. Miyako at her base level breaks down easy and even though she's learned how to hid it things hurt her a lot and she'll be depressed for hours from one comment about her.


Twin Sense Like Asuka, Miyako can sense the emotions and actions of her sister. Similarly she can block her sister out or be blocked out, though she's never experienced actually being blocked out by Asuka. She has however blocked Asuka out before, a lot.

Weather Wolf Miyako on the largest scale of her power can change the weather. She can only control rain, snow, hail, and to a certain extent wind. She can't call out the sun but she can force away the rain to get the sun. However this is her with full control over her ability. Because her constant emotional turmoil she has little power over this ability. Often her emotions will cause her own little storm cloud to follow her on a bad day and anger can easily lead to a thunderbolt.

Family Tree



None, though you are welcome to join the love triangle trying


When Miyako was born she and her twin sister Asuka were born to a pair of wolves known as Nik and Akita. Both were very loving and kind. The problem was Nik was a Snow Tribe wolf and Akita a Water Tribe wolf. Being as their mother was Water Tribe they were taken by Water Tribe when both their parents ran away. However it almost seemed like the only reason Water Tribe wanted them was a show of power and superiority. There wasn't a day Miyako didn't notice the looks of hate or realize that he reason they jumped Birth Animal so constantly was because no one wanted to take care of the disgusting half Tribe wolves. It was after all taboo, wrong. Miyako at a young age was very aware of the world around her and understood many things a normal pup wouldn't. Because of this she became very depressed and secluded while her sister made friends.

Upon becoming learners Miyako was given a mentor called Alta. She was a very kind cat who has actually come from out of tribe. She knew exactly how Miyako felt being looked down upon, constantly seen as wrong or less. Miyako finally felt saved as Alta put her all into trying to teach Miyako how to prove everyone wrong. Miyako hated how Asuka had more or less abandoned her but she still tried her hardest. Inside camp however she could do little more than sit in one spot and sulk in order to try and keep herself from crying or maybe even doing something stupid. So instead she clung to her sisters emotions. Miyako had always been aware of the shared power between the two, always able to use it, her sister's happiness helped her get through the day.

The day Miyako was left alone with a strange mentor Alta trusted the older wolves. She told Miyako it was going to be fine and she would be back as soon as possible once she was done with what she needed to do. Miyako was broken when she started to get attacked and slandered she couldn't fight back. She just wanted to let it happen. She didn't feel it when she lost the tip of her ear. Then suddenly out of nowhere Asuka came out and defended. Miyako remembered that her sister had not abandoned her, she was blind to the suffering Miyako endured. And now she had finally seen it. Miyako fought alongside her sister and was able to come up victorious. For the first time in her life she felt happy, proud, she actually found it in her to somehow smile and laugh.

Miyako stays around Asuka as an Element Animal because she doesn't know anyone else, she isn't sure exactly what to do with herself.

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Name: Shade

Age: 14 Cycles

Gender: Male

Species: Wolf

Rank: Elemental

Element Tribe: Water


Personality: Despite his more naturally dark and intimidating appearance, Shade is far from someone you would need to avoid. He's friendly, kind, and a bit softhearted. He, well, just has a hard to showing it at times. Although, despite this friendly nature you wouldn't want to mess with him, he is still part of Shadow's family. He is highly trained in combat, and highly skilled in the art of murder. He does kill, can kill, and will kill if you were a threat to the clan. Luckily this anger is never directed at the clan, and he would sooner harm himself than harm his clan.

Shadow Form: Like all descendants of Shadow, Shade has the ability to become "darkness" in a very similar fashion to the leader's ability to become one with their clan elements.

Shade's Unique: Shade's has the ability to make darkness "physical" giving him the ability to use darkness offensively.

Mate/crush: Crushes Miyako

Family: Mother: Midnight
Father: Acorn
Sister: Twilight, Starlight
Brother: Shadow

History: Shade was born into what many water elementals call the Darkness line. The darkness line are, obviously, the children of an old elemental named Darkness. Whose power was the ability to obtain a shadow form. This power also seemed to be hereditary, as each of his children have shared this power, as well as a unique twist to it. Darkness himself was an immensely powerful wolf. He was strong, cunning, intelligent, and intimidating. Rumor has it that he even invented his own battle style far more dangerous than the one the clans were willing to use. One he only passed down to his children.

Darkness' descendants seemed to always take after him. Strong, powerful, smart. They seemed to be almost unwolf like with how skilled they were, and many of them have taken the role of leader for a lot of the water tribe's history. Shade and his family are no different. Shade's mother, Midnight, had surprised many when the silent and cold hearted she wolf had taken the soft and timid Acorn as her mate. The two of them had four children. Twilight and Starlight: The flirty she wolves whom easily could be mistaken for one another, Shadow: The hearty and strong wolf that the whole clan adored, and Shade: The largest and most silent of the litter. He seemed to take after his mother's likeness in how quiet he was, but his father's sweetness had rubbed off on the pup as well. The four pups easily flew through their apprenticeship with flying colors. Many of the pack even discussing which they thought would be the next leader. Shade seemed to be the most likely for the job, he was the quickest, strongest, and most level headed of his siblings, but he'd have to learn how to be more social if anyone was to consider him fully for that position.

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Name: Minnow

Age: 56 cycles

Gender: Female

Species: Cat

Rank: Healer

Element Tribe: Water


Personality: Minnow is the slightly impatient healer of water tribe. Although she does not hold a sharp tongue, many note her to be quite rude due to how quickly she is to anger when people don't listen to her. Although she blames her attitude on the wolves whom are "act far too much like kits while in pain." Being the small cat she is, it can be hard for her to move around the sick wolves as much as she'd like to. Never the less she's a puffy little she cat whom does her best to help her clan, no matter how much they anger her.

Powers: Water "proof": Minnow's powers allow her to easily swim through the water no matter how strong or how fast the current is. She always ends up on the other side with almost no water weighting her down either.

Mate/crush: Unable to have one

Family: No one notable

History: Minnow was the only surviving kit in her mother's litter. The rest had gotten sick and had died a few days leaving Minnow with an overprotective mother, and not many kits around her age. Many of the kits Minnow did meet were far closer to becoming apprentices than she was. Minnow wasn't detoured by this, and even confidently tried playing with the far larger wolf pups. This is how Minnow learned she was fragile. She visited the healer many times due to how she easily she got hurt. The two of them slowly started to get close each time Minnow returned, and soon enough she was learning all there is to know about herbs. It was of no surprise when the last healer asked Minnow to become her apprentice.

Minnow took on the apprenticeship well, she was a hard worker, and was hurt far less now that she didn't rough house with the others as much. She learned as quick as she could and was soon enough given her healer title. Everything seemed great, but as always, things never seem to stay that way. While out looking for herbs, Minnow's mentor got into a fight with a badger that she did not win. Minnow was devastated by the lost, but did her best to get over it, she had a tribe to look after now.

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