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Night ~People Sometimes Scare Me~ The theme of the group is framed around the popular warrior cats series, but hold other elements as well just like its predecessor group. Its a place, where a forest is divided equally into 6 parts, with them belonging to Fire, Water, Earth, Snow, Wind and Lightning elemental packs, and the sky belonging to Light Tribe, and the shadows belonging to Dark Tribe.

Each pack is led by a leader. The leader is the strongest representation of the element the pack is based around, and is followed by a deputy. The deputy is the second in command, and will usually organise patrols and hunting sessions out in the forest. The deputy is the step up for the leader, once the leader dies.

The medicine wolf/cat is the creature with overly expelled knowledge about herbal remedies. They care for the pack, and are the most superstitious/magical ones, as they can see and receive omens from their ancestors.

The animals ancestors are the Light and Dark packs. The light tribe is where all creatures that successfully believe in the light tribe go. If a wolf or cat doesn't believe in the light tribe or did horrible things in life, on their death, they will enter the ruthless tribe of the Dark.

Animals can be whatever you want, with a few limitations:
- Animals are allowed to have different colored fur, but keep it simple (don't go full out rainbow!)
- The size of animals must be realistic. A few select characters can be larger than average for example one with wild cat roots or a dire wolf but these are rare and will remain as such.
- Try to keep all references to human objects i.e.: Phones, toilets, etc to a minimum in the role-play. They might be fantasy, but they are living in the wild. Animals are allowed to wield weapons and such if they wish as well as have human artifacts.
- Animals are allowed to have powers, and if such, should be listed in their character profiles, but definitely NO killing other members characters without their permission. Also, Immortality is not allowed to be a power.

- With the different animals, you can have any mate combination e.g.:
cat x wolf,
wolf x wolf,
cat x cat.
But just be mindful, that the combination of cat x wolf, cannot be eligible to have any pups or kits.

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Night ~People Sometimes Scare Me~ - Spirit Animal:
This is an animal who died a time ago and basically became the spirit of the pack. There is only one per pack and it is an honor to receive this! True they do not lead their element but they are more powerful than the leader and are dedicated protectors.

- Leader:
The leader is the head representative of the element tribe, and is in charge of overlooking them all. They hold the highest authority, and should be respected by all tribe members. The leaders are also the only creatures out of all the animals who can turn into full form, where they are fully in their element e.g.: Fire element leader can become completely made of fire.

- Deputy:
The deputy is the second in command, and will be the leaders go to in times of big decision making. They will step up as leader, once the current leader dies.

- Medicine wolf/cat:
The medicine wolf/cats job is to look after the rest of the pack with his/her healing knowledge. They are forbidden to have a mate.

- Element animals:
The element animals is the name given to the animals who have completed their 6 moons of training, and are 12 moons old. They can stop training, and be eligible to train a learner.

- Leaner:
Learners are animals in training, often by another animal in their pack. They start at 6 moons old, and continue for 6 moons, until they've learnt everything, and can move onto becoming an Element animal

- Pups and Kits:
Pups and kits are the younger than 6 moon animals, who are too young to start their training yet, and often have trouble controlling their powers (if any). They stay in the Birth animals den, with their mothers, until old enough to move out.

- Birth animals:
Birth animals are mothers who are expected to give birth to a litter. They move to the Birth animals den in their time of expecting.

- Elders:
Elders are former Element animals, who are too old to continue to battle, and have lost their powers altogether. They rest in the Elders den, but still provide themselves to the tribe, and are often the wisest members.

Night ~People Sometimes Scare Me~ This is the system used in measuring ages. It goes by rotations and cycles currently, and works like this:

Cycle = Months
Rotation = Years

Kit or Pup: 0 --> 6 Cycles
Learner: 6 --> 12
Element Animals/Med: 12 --> 180+
Elder: 192 --> 204+

1 Season = 3 Cycles

(Yr = Years)

Years = Cycles (Months)
1 Yr = 12
2 Yr = 24
3 Yr = 36
4 Yr = 48
5 Yr = 60
6 Yr = 72
7 Yr = 84
8 Yr = 96
9 Yr = 108
10 Yr = 120
11 Yr = 132
12 Yr = 144
13 Yr = 156
14 Yr = 168
15 Yr = 180
16 Yr = 192
17 Yr = 204...and so on.

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