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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Fantasy, adult. Young woman escapes attack on wedding in a hot air balloon?

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Nayce | 8 comments A fantasy series I found about 10 years ago, in the adult fiction section.

A fantasy story, about a young woman who is able to transform into a strange wolf/cat/other stuff hybrid animal.

She is from a wealthy family and is attending a wedding (maybe her own? I don't remember) when an attack of some kind happens and she is somehow stranded in a hot air balloon or an airship.

She meets a man who can also transform, and learns some stuff (like she can pick any form to turn into and that people like them are hunted).

In another side story of the book, an evil man is able to transform others into what he wants and is creating an army, he has a woman as a slave who he has transformed and she has to learn how to communicate all over again.

Cover was blue.

That's all I remember! Hope it's enough.

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Nayce | 8 comments Also, pretty sure the man with abilities to transform others into what he wants and who transforms the woman is related to her? She might be his mother? Either way, he blames her for what he is.
She ends up in a town with others like her, that aren't human. She has to learn to communicate with them because she doesn't understand what tail or ear movements mean. The children end up teaching her.

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Nayce, are you still looking for this or did you find it?

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