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The Procedure (Dr. Earl Garnet, #3)
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Medical thriller- dangerous alcoholism treatment [s]

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Shelly Bolton | 2 comments I initially thought I remembered it being a Jonathan Kellerman, but I've searched through his titles, and those of all the similar authors I could think of. Pretty sure I read this back in the late 90s or early 2000s. The protagonist finds out that people are dying during this treatment for alcoholism that is very effective but obviously dangerous. He finds that he can't learn what the treatment is without going in as a patient so he goes undercover. He learns that what they're doing to patients is to give them a drink, and then for purposes of creating a negative reinforcement, they inject the patient with a paralytic agent, and basically let them nearly suffocate (under paralytic they cannot breathe on their own), before a nurse or medical assistant assists their breathing until the agent wears off. I remember someone saying this treatment had a 100% success rate as far as nobody going back to drinking - but also has 1% mortality rate. I want to say the book's title was something similar to "the treatment," or "the procedure," but have searched both of those titles to no avail. I also remember that the paperback cover, much in the style of Jonathan Kellerman and Michael Palmer, had a drawing of a huge syringe on the cover. (I know, not terribly distinctive among medical thrillers) Thanks in advance to anyone who can help!!

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The Procedure?

"Garnet and Riley, a policeman assigned to the case, realize that the murders are somehow tied to the Brama HMO and to a shadowy facility that Brama runs in Mexico to treat hard-core alcoholics." - Amazon review

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Shelly Bolton | 2 comments I think that's it! From what I can see on the synopsis I can find online anyway. That's crazy - I searched that title and turned up empty.
Well anyway, thank you so much!

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You're welcome.

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