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jb Byrkit (jbbyrkit) Week 3 - July 24 1872, 1873-74 (68)

message 2: by Everyman (new)

Everyman | 885 comments Discussion on this section starts on Sunday, July 24.

message 3: by Dianne (new)

Dianne | 1263 comments ok folks, I know we are all WAAAY behind but are we keeping this read alive? now? Later? I looked through my september book list and this one is still one of the ones I'd prefer to read, but don't know who else is out there???

message 4: by Hilary (new)

Hilary (agapoyesoun) Sorry Dianne, I have thrown in the towel, not through lack of interest.

message 5: by SusanK (new)

SusanK Hi Ladies, I thought maybe this would be picked up later. I'm somewhere in week 5, but I wanted to put in a personal note that struck me in week 3. My great-grandparents immigrated to the US from Germany in the 1870's. (We are all children of immigrants, are we not?) Settling in Omaha, my great-grandfather was a bartender at the 1898 Exposition and ran what my mother called a saloon, but what sounds like the German bars in And Ladies. No women were allowed and the firemen and policemen downtown had lunch there, because Carl had wonderful food. My grandmother and her sister were born here and had enough German to get by. "Nicht vor die Kinder" (Not in front of the children!) was still used when I was a kid. My great-grandfather sold the saloon and opened a grocery in the early 1900's and it hit me in this section that perhaps it was the social implications for his young daughters that caused this, not a better financial opportunity. My 85 yr old mother doesn't remember, so, we'll never know.

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Dianne | 1263 comments That is such a great story Susan! Thanks for sharing.

I guess I'll put this book on hold until we revive our discussion :)

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Laurel Bradshaw (llawryf) | 39 comments I'm out here. I really, really want to get through this book this time, but I've taking on a chunk of another reading project through early October, so I'm going to have some catching up to do....

message 8: by Dianne (new)

Dianne | 1263 comments Ok that's fine laurel, let me know when you get back into it!

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Ami I like that this novel focuses on the effects of German and Irish immigration into the central states; it's one of the better aspects of this section, as well as the very early accounts of implementing prohibition, or rather the Temperance Crusade...Those ladies and their bibles, talk about conviction. Mrs. Mckinney, I loved in this section...A woman misunderstood by both Sally and Anne, but redeemed for her kindness and ability to withstand tensions in her own home. Mrs. Ballard too, wanting to help the O'reilly's get back on their feet, went out of her way to speak with the doctor about getting Tim a job after they were taken by and adhered to the message left by the Temperance Crusade. In essence, we're reading about good kind people at heart who are driven to help their brothers and sisters...Or as long as it's in the name of the Lord. What was quite surprising to me was Mrs. Demming's demeanor while the General was keeping her arrest of the political climate in Wayensboro and the towns growing influence of Ludwig Rausch...Didn't she seem very brash, behaving out of character? I believe even the General was surprised to see her so affected. Maybe I didn't grasp her character as well in the beginning, but she was one who was able to maintain composure in the most stressful of situations...Even her union with General Demming came as quite a surprise to those in her circle, didn't they?

I'm curious to see how political life progresses for Ludwig, as it appears to me he is playing a game of chess, using Hoffman as a pawn for political gain.

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SusanK Hey! Are we reading again? I'll meet you in week 4. I've been missing the ladies.

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Dianne | 1263 comments We are!! I'm catching up tomorrow :)

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