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Julia | 159 comments GOT rp

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Julia | 159 comments Soooooooooo

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Julia | 159 comments Was it fun?

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Julia | 159 comments That's awesome!!

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Julia | 159 comments I believe you were playing Petyr and a girl for Jon, so I'm playing Jon and a Stark girl.

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Julia | 159 comments

 Juliette Lavender Stark

19 | female | heterosexual | single; engaged to Petry Baelish

Juliette is the second oldest pureblood Stark, a year younger than Jon and Robb. Those who know the family well describe her as a mix between Sansa and Arya, as she can act like a lady when she needs to, but has a strong sense of adventure. More often than not, Juliette is overlooked. She doesn't have any great achievements, other than being a Stark.

In the Dining Hall, Juliette always felt uncomfortable sitting with the rest of the family, so she would keep Jon company. At first, her parents were against this-she is a Stark, after all. But her bond with her half-sibling aka cousin was undeniably strong.

Juliette is said to really have the north in her blood. She has been compared to her deceased aunt Lyanna quite often, but she has no idea if it's true. Old Nan once told her that she was a reincarnation of her, because Juliette looks similar physically and acts similar to her.

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Julia | 159 comments I just did the basics; I hope that's okay..

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Julia | 159 comments Awesome

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Julia | 159 comments I'm glad you remembered though :)

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Julia | 159 comments So... Do you want to start or shall I?

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