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annapi | 5159 comments Graphic novels are not my genre, but this one is a gem! Nimona is a young girl who is a shape-shifter. She barges into the life of the "villain" Lord Ballister Blackheart, forcing him to take her on as his sidekick. Together they are to bring down Blackheart's former-friend-now-nemesis, Sir Ambrosius Goldenloin, and the corrupt Institution that he is champion of. But this is not your typical good-guy/bad-guy story, it's got much more depth than that.

The drawings are charming, especially the feisty redheaded Nimona, and they're pretty clean, the panels are not busy, and they are easy on the eyes. My only complaint of this paperback copy is that the type is so small it's hard on my aging eyes, even with my reading glasses. I wonder if the hardcover is larger and easier to read? Regardless, this is highly recommended. Easy to see why it was a National Book Award finalist.

Cora (corareading) | 1456 comments I gave this one to my niece for her 15th birthday. Now I wish I had read it before wrapping it, she would have never known.

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