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Hothouse Orchid (Holly Barker, #6)
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Rachel N. | 1607 comments This book is just a complete mess. The only reason I finished it is because it was the only audiobook I had to listen to. The plot is nominally about Holly Barker being forced to take a vacation from the CIA because she is attracting a lot of controversy, right after being given a promotion (yeah that makes sense), and returning to Orchid Beach where a series of rape/murders is occurring. There is no depth given to these attacks or the people suspected of committing the crimes. Holly is attacked, but saved from being raped, and the next day goes out with the doctor who treated her, who in less than a week moves in with her. The plot is really more about people eating rich food, flying airplanes and sleeping with people at the drop of a hat. The timeline makes no sense. The book majorly needs an editor, phrases and events are repeated within paragraphs of each other, for instance one character is driving without headlights we're told then two paragraphs later he turns off his headlights. The writing was so bad I had to look at the paper copy of the book in the library to make sure I didn't end up with some badly abridged audiobook but no I did have an unabridged version and the book really is written that badly. I don't recall having read Stuart Woods before. I assume at one point in time he could write, or else he wouldn't have so many books out there, but this book should never have been published.

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 Olivermagnus (lynda214) | 2328 comments I used to like the early Stuart Woods, especially Chiefs but he's gotten really bad lately. I still have some of the Stone Barrington books but they've gotten so bad I only use them if they fit a challenge I'm trying to complete.

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