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message 1: by Carolyn (new)

Carolyn (carolyndanielle) | 5 comments Mod
Hi! If you are interested in being a guest host for Contemporary Corner, please comment here!

Don't know what a guest host is?
Guest hosts...
•Help announce and promote that month's book
•Read that month's book
•Join the liveshow to discuss the book at the end of that month

Why be a guest host?
Guest hosting is an opportunity to...
•Make new friends in the community
•Get your booktube/blog/bookstagram name out there
•Experience the fun of being in a live show
•Feel like a special snowflake

How can you be a guest host?
If you're interested in being a guest host...
•Comment in this discussion topic
•Include links to all of your bookish social media
•Participate in this book club

message 2: by Isabela (new)

Isabela Avila (isabelareads)  (isabelareads) | 1 comments Hi! I'm Isabela, a 12 year old book blogger/reviewer (Even more of a fetus than you, Carolyn!) but I LOVE YA and books and just all things books!

And I'm interested in being a guest host, if that's ok!


Twitter: isabelareadss



message 3: by Jordan (new)

Jordan (literarypolitic) Hey! I'm Jordan, and though I'm typically a fantasy lover, I'm really excited to broaden my horizon through this book club. I'd love to be a guest host in the future and look forward to experiencing wonderful books through this group.


message 4: by Jenna (new)

Jenna (justalittlebitrandom) | 1 comments Hi, I'm Jenna. I'm still relatively new to booktube but I'm keen to get more involved and definitely interested in being a guest host! :)

Twitter: @jenna_la

message 5: by Aliya (new)

Aliya (aquamarine06) | 2 comments Hey guys, I'm Aliya and I'm a contemporary and fantasy lover! I think it would be fun to be a host and see what it's like to be in a liveshow. I love YA books and would like to be a host! :)




message 6: by Miranda (new)

Miranda Hamilton (mham19) | 2 comments I am interested in being a guest host:) Im not sure how to do liveshows, but Im sure I could learn!
My links:

message 7: by Sami (new)

Sami  Myers (bookishsami) Hello, I believe Kelly already added me to a list on Twitter but I figured I would add my stuff on here as well! I'm Sami and I'm a 16 year old BookTuber! Contemporary books are my life and I would loveeee to be a part of this book club as a guest host!

booktube -
twitter -
instagram -
goodreads -

message 8: by Cindy (new)

Cindy (cindypliego) Hi! I am Cindy and super excited to be part of this group, it sounds like lots of fun. I would love to be considered to be a host for upcoming liveshows.


message 9: by Carys (new)

Carys (caryss_) | 2 comments Hi! I've already let you know on twitter a few days a go but I didn't know if you wanted me to write it here too, so I thought I may as well :') Anyway, I would love to guest host at some point if there was an opportunity to, contemporary is my favourite so I'm really excited to read with you all. My social medias are:


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