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kavi + alex + noir ~ve|vim~ (percybluefood) | 31 comments Hey guys, can I get some tips on writing a Fantasy novel pls? I currently writing my very first book, and I am only on my 2nd chapter, and I am currently stuck on a part. And can I get some tips on describing a magical place, like a magical school pls?

message 2: by Dwayne (new)

Dwayne Fry | 349 comments Can you see this magical place in your mind?

If you don't have a full idea of what it looks like yet, it's okay. It sounds as if you've just started your first draft. You have a long way to go. Leave the description out for now and work on it in a later rewrite. For me a rough draft is really just about setting the framework of the story and sketching out the characters.

If you do know what this magical place looks like, simply write out what you see in your mind. You said it's a magical school. Does it look like a castle? Like a modern school? Is it disguised like some other kind of building? What color are the walls? How many stories is it? What shapes are the windows? Are they clear glass, stained glass or something else? What color are the doors? What about any trim? What's interesting and unique on the grounds? Since there is magic around it, is there anything unique about the way it feels to stand near the school? Any strange energy in the air? Any interesting smells?

Hope this helps. Good luck.

message 3: by Logan (new)

Logan (logannance) | 740 comments I have written a couple of fantasy novels (and am currently on a rewrite of a third) and would have to say that I have had dragon-sized holes in some of my stories that I have left and moved on, just so my creative juices didn't stop. If you are stuck, go to another part and just leave a HUGE note saying "Under Construction" or something like that, and don't worry about it for now.

kavi + alex + noir ~ve|vim~ (percybluefood) | 31 comments Thanks guys

message 5: by Brenda (new)

Brenda Clough (brendaclough) | 361 comments By now (first chapter) you ought to have a Conflict. If you don't, go and find one, right away. This conflict should be able to boil down into one sentence. Batman fights Joker who has a death ray. The Bennett girls must marry or starve. Frodo has to get rid of this Ring. You may not have told your reader about it, but you yourself should know what the conflict is, because that's what the book is about.

And then, with a driving conflict in hand, you can conjure up the opposition, because there must be opposition. Why can't the Bennett girls marry? They're poor, they're (some of them) unattractive in various ways, the guys they're interested are hot for other women, etc. Why can't Batman simply defeat Joker? He's holding Gotham City hostage. And so on.

It is worth embodying this opposition. Joker we are cool on. But if Frodo is going to fight forces wanting the Ring, it is better to have some nice Ringwraiths for him to flee from instead of just hearing portentous warnings from Elrond.

message 6: by Lenita (new)

Lenita Sheridan | 1010 comments When you get finished with the rough draft, having followed the above suggestions, do some world building. Create, from your own imagination, some flora and fauna for this world. You may want to make up some monsters. They could be your evil villains, or they could be controlled by your evil villain, for example, a wizard. I hope this helps.

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