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Mrs. Smith

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Sandy Am I right that the name "Mrs. Smith" first appears in Chapter 13? For a moment I was curious who she was, we could guess she was Allenham Court's owner, but in Chapter 9, when Sir John introduced Willoughby, Jane Austen didn't mention the name of the old Lady, which I think she should have. :)

Chapter 13
Elinor could hardly believe this to be true, as it seemed very unlikely that Willoughby should propose, or Marianne consent, to enter the house while Mrs. Smith was in it, with whom Marianne had not the smallest acquaintance.

Chapter 9
On this point Sir John could give more certain intelligence; and he told them that Mr. Willoughby had no property of his own in the country; that he resided there only while he was visiting the old lady at Allenham Court, to whom he was related, and whose possessions he was to inherit;

IvanOpinion That's when I first noticed the name.

Sandy IvanOpinion wrote: "That's when I first noticed the name."

Yeah. Thanks Ivan. :)

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