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alex (awex) | 258 comments you can delete this comment but the aesthetic is So Pretty omg

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alex (awex) | 258 comments i love it and all the others so much

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It could be argued that Yena was hiding. She wasn't supposed to be at the conservatory. She was-- in fact, supposed to be sewing a dress, but she'd much rather stick a needle up her ass then into the translucent silk gauze she'd been given, so naturally she'd opted out of it completely and decided to come here instead.

According to popular opinion, Yena had gone hiding again. But according to Yena's opinion, she just needed to catch up on some well needed sleep. It wasn't even like she was trying to be discreet, not like she ever had been.

She remembered what the head maid had told her last time-- it was always the last time. This is the last time, Yena, she would say only to repeat that exact same statement with the exact same exasperated huff of air some three hours later. Last time last time last time you're going to be fired you work at the palace where is your professionality this is your last fucking time. It was all bullshit. If they really wanted to fire Yena, they would've done so long ago.

As it was, she was still here, comfortably snoring quietly in the middle of the newly cleaned tile walkway.

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This was probably was something he shouldn't be doing right now. In fact, if Tari knew he wasn't one behind one of those cameras right now, photographing the looks of the selecteds as they caught the love of their lives with their eyes for the first time, she would do more than kill him. No, Tari would end him. The name Matthew Wild would cease to exist, and so would he.

But she didn't know, and she wouldn't have to. He'd show up later and get enough photos to make everything look like it was in order. Right now? Yeah, Matt had more important thing to worry about. Like the fact that the conversatory was definietly empty because no staff would be in here with everything angled at the dining room, and everyone else was also there, concerned with the selection.

Which left it empty, for Matthew to capture the aesthetic beauty of it all. Or, at least he thought it was empty. Matt slipped in silently, and had been peacefully and quietly taking pictures of pretty much everything until he nearly tripped over the passed out girl in the middle of the walkway. Why was there a maid sleeping in the walkway? She shouldn't even be here what was she--oh wait he was supposed to be here either, hm. But he was doing something important and she was just there! Laying there, and actually looking very pretty with her asian eyes closed. Hm.

Okay so it was only a little sketchy, and it would only be sketchy if she woke up. Besides, it was only a few pictures, from a few angles... Oh wait, was there a ladder around here? Man, that would be nice, an overhead view with her just kind of sprawled out... Hm.

Matt probably would've went to find the ladder had he not been staring at the camera, studying the photos he just took and tripping over his new muse. Great, just great. First, you trip, totally unprofessional, and now you wake the sleeping muse?

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When Yena felt the foot dig into her side, she merely mumbled a nearly incoherant, "mmmfff whdontchujusstickaneedleupyourasscecilia," lazily opening her eyes to find that instead of the familiar gorgeous Middle Eastern with her nonplussed deadpan was an unfamiliar White boy with a camera that undoubtedly cost more than anything Yena had ever owned.

Unperturbed, she rolled over to her side, yawning, before tilting her head towards the stranger and giving a wry smile.

"God, Cecilia, I always knew you were obsessed with me but becoming a white boy just so you can take pictures of me sleeping? I'm kinda flattered."

[ short post is short i am sorry ]

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Okay so who was Cecilia? Was she gorgeous? Probably, if this girl thought that he was Cecilia. I mean, Matthew was pretty much a sight for sore eyes, so obviously this Cecilia girl was good looking. Matthew made a mental note to ask to meet this Cecilia girl.

"Good morning, sleeping beauty," Matt started, sliding her a sly smile before watching her silently. She was so photogenic. Like him, but she was a girl and she was Asian. Nice. "Not sure who Cecilia is, but I would like to meet her. I'm Wild, Matt Wild.

Oh, and the picture thing... Don't worry, it's not a big deal or anything. I just take aesthetically pleasing photos of, well, life. But they don't go to the Daily Illea or anything, so it's fine."

Did he just babble? Did the Matthew Wild just talk for longer than five seconds and not flirt? I think he did. That's weird. And unnatural. Ew. Okay, let's fix that. "Also, you're very pretty," Matt leaned a little closer to the maid, analyzing her like a work of art--which she was. "Do you mind telling me your name?"

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