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Trina (Between Chapters) (trinabetweenchapters) Discussion for the first Sisterhood movie, which covers the plot of Book 1.

Kayla, Emily, and Sylwia will be watching and live tweeting the movie on Saturday, July 9 at 1pm EST. (@KaylaRayne_ @exsixtwosix @eehornburg)

I'm setting up this discussion board so that if you end up watching it at a different time we can still chat about it!

Are there any differences from the book and movie that you disliked? Liked? Any favorite scenes get cut? What do you think of the casting?

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Mom2triplets04 | 12 comments I think I watched it an hour after you guys but really enjoyed it but I certainly needed a box of tissues! I did not cry while reading but the movie just brought tears.

Lots of changes from the book.

I still didn't connect with Bridget both in book and in movie. Eric certainly needed a hair cut. lol I didn't think he was good looking at all.

Lena's story was totally changed! Like where the heck was her sister? She doesn't exist? And the skinning dipping scene didn't even take place? She fell in love with him so quickly in the movie where the book it was drawn out to the end. And where was the grandfather hitting the other grandfather? Like they cut that out. No blood on the pants? Anyway after all that I did like Lena's story better in the movie with all the changes.

When I saw Bailey I cried! Oh my heart. So sad. But in the movie she had no family? Like where was her mom? Tibby finds out that she was sick by the neighbor? She didn't even ride in the ambulance like in the book? That was a tender moment in the book but not in the movie. Where the hell is her rodent? Like it's a major plot thing in the book when he dies, she freezes him and burries him. And there was no funeral for Bailey? It was like she died and well just go on! I think they made more of a stink about Bridget's mom dieing and in the book it was just mentioned and not dragged out.

Carmen's story was true to the book. But her dad was a bad actor he couldn't even cry on the phone when she was screaming at him.

I'm not sure I liked Tibby's casting in the movie. I didn't picture her with purple hair or an earring in her nose when I was reading the book.

Trina (Between Chapters) (trinabetweenchapters) Ok, so I have to say that as much as I enjoyed the book, this is a case where I like the movie more! It really brought these characters to life and it took the amazing themes the book presented and developed them much more. I had seen the movie years ago, before reading the book, so perhaps that is making me biased, but when I read the book I couldn't help but feel like some depth was missing. Now that I watched the movie again, I can really see the difference.

Lena's storyline is the most changed so I'll start there. She was my favorite character from the movies, so I was pretty let down by her in the book. I did really enjoy how the book showed her introspection and her real reluctance to get involved with boys. I also wish Effie had been in the movie. But I think Kostos (a HUGE part of her story) said maybe 10 words in the book, whereas he's an actual living, breathing, TALKING person in the movie and he and Lena have a lot of interactions that build actual depth to their relationship. (Like him saving her from drowning, them talking about the church his parents were married in and her finding out about his parents from he himself, them talking on the boat about her friends and herself.) Her initial attraction to him is well reflected in one of the letters she writes. They had an interaction and she realizes he was right. This was so much more of an attachment than her freaking out about him seeing her skinny dipping and then never talking to anyone about it and suddenly developing feelings from feeling bad that her family assumed he was a rapist or something. Basically, the movie really gave me the reasons behind her feelings. The fact that she was saying she loved him after one kiss in the book was very out of nowhere to me.

I also like the family rivalry aspect to the movie that adds the forbidden love feeling. That creates much more tension than in the book where their families were best friends and all the drama is a result of miscommunication.

Lastly with Lena, I enjoyed how the movie used the visual transformation of how Lena was dressing to portray her emotional state

I also love Bridget and Eric much more in the movie. She has a moment where she opens up and talks to him about her mom, which again creates more depth to their relationship. I can see it much more easily why they are drawn to each other. Even how she opens up to her friends at the end about her mom was just... better. But then again I always related to Bridget a lot over the loss of her mom so this was probably something I'd enjoyed about the movie and then didn't see as much of in the book.

Tibby and Bailey were much more emotional for me in the movie. Maybe it was seeing them come to life, but I thought the actresses who played them did a fantastic job. I could really see the change in Tibby.

I LOVE Carmen's scene in the bridal shop where she really goes off on Lydia and the saleswoman. This was such an epic scene. I think Carmen's story stayed the most true to the book and maybe that's the reason I liked her storyline the most in the book. She was already so direct and full of emotion that I don't think she needed any improvements.

Another thing that I felt the movie improved on with all of the girls were the letters. They included more in depth information in my opinion. There's a letter from Lena where she writes about Kostos being right about her, which really shows her starting to connect with him. She also writes in a letter her revelation about how she doesn't let people in when she's lost nothing but people like Kostos and Bridget who've lost so much are still open to life and love. That's a line from the book, but it's just general narration in the book and I loved seeing it come directly from Lena in the movie. Bridget also includes more insightful information in her letters about her obsession with Eric and her feelings about her mom, saying she wishes she could talk to her mom. In the book she wasn't nearly as direct.

Anyway, I really enjoyed the movie and am looking forward to watching the 2nd one. I don't remember what happened in it at all!

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Shelly (collyofthewobbles) | 8 comments Did anyone else like B in the book and not in the movie?
Didn't feel her vunrability in the movie, more like she was just having a mope and need the guy to tell her she was amazing. I wish thry had explored the mental health side more in the movie.

message 5: by Siiri (new)

Siiri (smmason14) | 15 comments I finally watched the movie!

So here's my thoughts, overall, I liked the movie a lot better than the book! I felt like the movie conveyed the feels a lot better. I didn't cry reading the book but I did watching the movie, especially when Bailey died.

I also really liked that Bridget had more of a conversation about what happened with her and Eric, I felt like her whole situation was handled a tad better and talked about a little more. Although it still could have been done better. I think they downplayed the mental health even more, it wasn't as severe because we didn't get the inner dialogue. But I preferred that compared to it being obvious but not talked about.

I liked Lena's story way better! I missed Effie a little bit, but I liked that they at least showed Lena and Kostos interact more.

Tibby I felt it evoked more emotion on the screen, and Bailey was developed more.

And Carmen, I think it didn't need any major changes, I agree with that. I did like the scene with her and her dad at his wedding a ton though!

I really loved the casting of the girls, their friendship was 100% believable. Did anyone else see their instagram pic of them hanging out recently? #friendshipgoals

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