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Rose - Sadness pie soup - (richwhitetrash) | 175 comments Since Vee is always trying to hurt herself and can't be trusted to be alone near unsafe objects, her parents had requested the safest room for her. She has a not so big room with cushioned walls to prevent her from harming herself. A mattress lays on the floor in the middle of the room with a pillow, no blanket. The whole room is white, even the light bulbs that are in the ceiling emmit bright white light. But the floor is actually made out of white tiling. There's a door that's always locked, and on it is a plastic window so the staff could check on her once in a while.

Ƒᴀվᘔᴀ... {Iɱ Ꮗҽíཞᗪ} (lovefayfay) Vee woke up and stared at the ceiling. She squinted her eyes at the bright light that shined on top of her. Her head hurt. She groaned and rolled onto her side, on the mattress she had that was on the floor. She was still very tired. My neck, she thought as she felt pain from the injection there. The memory of what happened earlier came flashing back to her. The tears, screams and mess. She hated it, and she was glad to be alone now.

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Weird And Odd Aaron was walking through the halls glancing into each window, looking for Vee. She eventually found her, and unlocked the door. She quietly stepped in. "Hey," she whispered. "You okay?" She asked, closing the door behind her and scooting along the wall to be as far away from Vee as possible. She didn't want to scare her.

Ƒᴀվᘔᴀ... {Iɱ Ꮗҽíཞᗪ} (lovefayfay) Vee heard the door open. She moved to sit up, but the quick moment hurt her head. She heard the familiar voice, and her eyes landed on the girl from the library. Luckily for her, she was still drugged, and was too tired to cause any commotion. "You... Why are you here?" She asked her in her soft voice.

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Weird And Odd "I was worried about you. I wanted to make sure they didn't hurt you too much." She whispered in reply, seeing that she probably had a head. "I have a bottle of water if you're thirsty." She offered, still not moving from the other side of the room.

Ƒᴀվᘔᴀ... {Iɱ Ꮗҽíཞᗪ} (lovefayfay) Worried? She couldn't really be worried about her. No one worried about her. She stayed quite, looking away from her. Why had she came all the way from her Ward to see if she was okay. How did she even know where she was and how did she get in? The guards never left her side? But then again she was on maximum security. She just shook her head no. Hopefully if she acted okay she would leave her.

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Weird And Odd Aaron knew that she was quiet now. That meant she was scared. "Please, tell me if you need anything. I get that you probably don't trust me because you don't know me but I really truly just want to help." She whispered. "The guards didn't let me come here, I came on my own. If you're thirsty I have water and if you're hungry I have some granola bars."

Ƒᴀվᘔᴀ... {Iɱ Ꮗҽíཞᗪ} (lovefayfay) "I don't want your help," she finally said to her in a soft voice, keeping her head down. She didn't care for food, and she didn't want water from her. All she could as for was to be alone in her harmless white room. She didn't care if she came alone just to check on her. In fact it scared her more, because no one knew she was here and that mean she wouldn't get caught if she were to do something.

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Weird And Odd "But if you need my help the fact that you won't let me puts you in danger. Please know that I really, genuinely don't want to hurt you. If I wanted to hurt you I would be closer to you, I would have touched you, I would have attacked you the second I got through the door. But I didn't because I don't want you to be scared, because I really just want to help." She said softly, letting her concern come out through her voice.

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Weird And Odd ((I'm going to bed soon, right after a couple more posts))

Ƒᴀվᘔᴀ... {Iɱ Ꮗҽíཞᗪ} (lovefayfay) "Stop it... Stop it." She tells her. Even if she didn't have the energy to freak out again, she still didn't want to hear the lies from her mouth. Of course she wouldn't have hurtled her as she came in. She was trying to gain her trust, just like Jake had did, and then she would hurt her, like Jake had done. "Please just leave. I beg you." She started to cry. "I don't need help. Im not hungry. There's nothing you could do or see to help me." She admits as she hugged her knees to her chest.

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Weird And Odd Aaron sighed softly. "Okay, I'll leave you alone. But if you do ever need someone to talk to, you can usually find me in the library or in ward 3." She said finally, making her way towards the door.

Ƒᴀվᘔᴀ... {Iɱ Ꮗҽíཞᗪ} (lovefayfay) Vee closes her eyes. The tears fell. Finally, she would be alone to cry. She regretted leaving this room in the first place. She didn't bother to look or say anything to the girl. She just rested her chin on her knees.

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Weird And Odd Aaron quietly opened and closed the door to the girls room, wishing she could do more. She knew she couldn't fix her, but she at least wished she could help. She decided to just head back to her room.

((The End?))

Ƒᴀվᘔᴀ... {Iɱ Ꮗҽíཞᗪ} (lovefayfay) ((I guess. I have to sleep anyways.))

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Weird And Odd ((Okay, goodnight. Do you wanna rp with a different character tomorrow?))

Ƒᴀվᘔᴀ... {Iɱ Ꮗҽíཞᗪ} (lovefayfay) ((Sure. If I don't end up busy again))

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Weird And Odd (Okay where to next?))

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Weird And Odd

Ƒᴀվᘔᴀ... {Iɱ Ꮗҽíཞᗪ} (lovefayfay) ((Where do u want to?))

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Weird And Odd ((What ward is your person in?))

Ƒᴀվᘔᴀ... {Iɱ Ꮗҽíཞᗪ} (lovefayfay) ((Lol he's actually in the same Ward))

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Weird And Odd ((Okay, courtyard then?))

Ƒᴀվᘔᴀ... {Iɱ Ꮗҽíཞᗪ} (lovefayfay) ((So so sorry. I was busy. Still want to rp?))

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Weird And Odd ((It's okay, I know you have a life. And of course, I'm always open))

Ƒᴀվᘔᴀ... {Iɱ Ꮗҽíཞᗪ} (lovefayfay) ((Kk you post first plz))

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