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message 1: by Jessie Marie (new)

Jessie Marie (jessiemreads) (Working title. I dunno about you all but Stitchish is kind of amusing to say!)

This is place to recommend books based around stitching. Keep in mind that this is not meant to be pattern books, but rather books of literature (or non-fiction) about stitching! Some examples might be Crewel World, book 1 of the Needlecraft Mystery series by Monica Ferris, The Quick and the Thread book 1 of the Embroidery Mystery series by Amanda Lee, etc.

I will leave this up to you guys but I think it might be okay to expand this to other types of stitching, too, such as crewel work, needlepoint, embroidery, knitting, crochet, etc.

message 2: by Heather (last edited Jul 07, 2016 01:35PM) (new)

Heather | 131 comments Earlier this year I read my first Needlework-related fiction book. It was called Thread and Gone. Sadly, it wasn't any good. Especially in the needlework parts. It kept calling embroidery needlepoint and sometimes even cross stitch. It was really annoying. Anyone have any needlework fiction that they like?

EDIT: Here's my review of that one, btw.

message 3: by Tracey Allen (new)

Tracey Allen at Carpe Librum (carpelibrum) | 651 comments I loved reading The Lady and the Unicorn by Tracy Chevalier and thoroughly recommend it. I'm looking forward to reading The Needle in the Blood, has anyone read it?

message 4: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer Hein | 3 comments I recently read the first book in a new series called Last Wool and Testament. The author is Molly MacRae. The series is called Haunted Yarn Shop. Cute, cozy mystery. I will definitely be looking for other books in this series!

message 5: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer Hein | 3 comments This spring I read a very cute cozy mystery called Last Wool and Testament by Molly MacRae. I really enjoyed it. It is part of a series called Haunted Yarn Shop. I will definitely be looking for more books in this series!

message 6: by Tracey Allen (new)

Tracey Allen at Carpe Librum (carpelibrum) | 651 comments I just came across a book which will appeal to readers here, it's called The Lady in the Attic.

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