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message 1: by N (new) - rated it 5 stars

N MOHAN Darkness and beyond; the cover in itself conveys all and makes a reader inquisitive to know what the author has now to convey --an ordinory mans' experience in todays scenario-- a big gap in the days the author had undergone trying to find a bridge between the school of thought of the older gneration vis a vis the present and future -- an ideal book that keeps a reader engrossed ; I am sure practically every one would have undergone similar situations ; many could have failed but examples shown of various charectors makes one feel-- yes one can find a solution for better ways and try to find light form the darkness; It makes the reader eager to know what the author has in suspense in his next chapter and where the author has shared the experience of another charactor; Every chapter is intriguing and the the determination of each individual ; the experiences and efforts in overcoming the problem or the dark passage they underwent ----in every one of the 9 chapters - be it a sambasivam; or satyamurthy or Raghav or devaki or satyajit-- every chapter only makes the reader think back to his old days where he also has undergone similar experiences and makes one think-- darkness after light or light after darkness and what is in store ??? both scenario is made to feel by the reader while going thro this book; and the simple language by the author makes the book more lively


message 2: by N (new) - rated it 5 stars

N MOHAN the author depicts reality in expereince of a life journey of every individual from darkness in a mothers' womb to a reality of seeing light IF not unfortunate like RAGHAV and again faced with the loom of darkness unable to deciphor what lays ahead; Some come out with courage and help and guidence of the loved and caring like RAGHAV Parents or a person like Arumugam who helped ARUL in shaping his life to glory thro hard work and determination ; and many more related in this book--

it is a MUST READ for the people of every age


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