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The Story of the Stone, or The Dream of the Red Chamber, Vol. 4: The Debt of Tears
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John Seymour 6. Discuss an aspect of Bao-yu's marriage.

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Patrick Robitaille | 975 comments It is interesting to see how the adults in the house seem oblivious to the true nature of Bao-yu and Dai-yu mutual feelings, apart from Grandmother Jia who an inkling, but thought best to support the proposed union with Bao-chai. Nobody seemed to really expect the dire consequences of this choice.

John Seymour I thought it interesting that Bao-chai seemed to understand how to deal with Bao-yu after the marriage when he discovers that he has not married Dai-yu and that she has died.

I was puzzled that at the end of the book it was not clear that the marriage had been consummated yet, leaving me to wonder if that plays into a plot device in the final volume.

Book Wormy | 2064 comments Mod
I thought the deception was wrong as was the way the adults decided to neglect Dai-Yu however I think that plays into reincarnation and finding your soul mate.

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Pip | 1448 comments Machiavellian!

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