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Glass Houses (The Morganville Vampires, #1)
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BUDDY READS: ARCHIVED > Glass Houses (Morganville Vampires #1) by Rachel Caine → Start Date: July 25th, 2016

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message 1: by Tanya (new)

Tanya (bookaholic22) | 1071 comments Join myself and Kiki as we read and discuss the first book in Rachel Caine's Morganville Vampires Series :)

Kikijanika | 3006 comments Thanks for making the thread :)

message 3: by Tanya (new)

Tanya (bookaholic22) | 1071 comments It's okay :)

Whitney (MomsBooksandBaubles) (momsbooksandbaubles) | 157 comments Oh this looks good! I'd like to join!

Kikijanika | 3006 comments Great! Welcome Whitney :)

message 6: by Tanya (new)

Tanya (bookaholic22) | 1071 comments Welcome Whitney :)

Trinity This is such a great series! I finished the last book in June, I hope you 3 enjoy it as much as I did!!

Happy reading :)

Kikijanika | 3006 comments Good to hear you liked it Trinity. I'm sure we'll enjoy it, too :)

Kikijanika | 3006 comments I'm gonna try to start this tomorrow. Hope I have time :) How about you guys?

message 10: by Tanya (new)

Tanya (bookaholic22) | 1071 comments I'm going to start late because I am reading another book :(

Kikijanika | 3006 comments I'm also reading another book so that's why I'm not sure if I'll have time to start this one :)

message 12: by Tanya (new)

Tanya (bookaholic22) | 1071 comments How about we comment when we both finish the books we are reading and go from there?

Kikijanika | 3006 comments Yeah, that's fine with me :)

message 14: by Tanya (new)

Tanya (bookaholic22) | 1071 comments Cool :)

Kikijanika | 3006 comments I finished one of my books today so I'm ready to start this one :)

ℓуηη, ℓσкιѕℓутнєя¢ℓαω | 789 comments Gahhh! That is one of my all-time favorite series!! They are so freaking good!

Kikijanika | 3006 comments Sounds awesome Lynn! Now I can't wait to get started :)

message 18: by Tanya (new)

Tanya (bookaholic22) | 1071 comments Cool, still haven't started yet but will soon!

message 19: by Kikijanika (last edited Jul 29, 2016 03:49AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Kikijanika | 3006 comments Ok..I started this yesterday. I checked and the book has 17 chapters so how about commenting after chapter 5, chapter 10 and then when you finish?

I just finished chapter 5 so here are some of my thoughts.

Claire (view spoiler)

Monica & crew (view spoiler)

The Glass house crew. (view spoiler)

So far the story has been interesting and I'm really liking it! Can't wait to see what happens next!

message 20: by Tanya (new)

Tanya (bookaholic22) | 1071 comments Yeah sounds good :) I've been really busy so I haven't finish my other book but I'll comment when I do start. sorry :(

message 21: by Tanya (new)

Tanya (bookaholic22) | 1071 comments I'm sorry, I'm probably the worst buddy reader ever :( Life has been getting in the way and I haven't started yet and I don't know when that will be.

Kikijanika | 3006 comments Oh don't worry. I have plenty of other books I'm reading too so I can concentrate on them. Actually it's good to know I can go slow with this one without feeling guilty :D

message 23: by Tanya (new)

Tanya (bookaholic22) | 1071 comments Great :) I'll comment when I start it and we can discuss it!

Kikijanika | 3006 comments Sounds good :)

message 25: by Tanya (new)

Tanya (bookaholic22) | 1071 comments I'm really sorry but I have to cancel this buddy read altogether, I will make it up to you with another book, I promise :)

Kikijanika | 3006 comments Oh that's ok. Don't worry. A lot of things can in the way and you can't always predict them. Maybe another book sometimes then :)
How about you Whitney?

message 27: by Tanya (new)

Tanya (bookaholic22) | 1071 comments Thank you for understanding :) There are times where you think you can do everything and when it doesn't go to plan... it sucks :(

We will definitely buddy read another book when my schedule starts to clear up.

Kikijanika | 3006 comments Sure! Let's do that!

message 29: by Tanya (new)

Tanya (bookaholic22) | 1071 comments Yay :)

message 30: by Kikijanika (last edited Aug 13, 2016 01:04PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Kikijanika | 3006 comments I guess there's no harm in still posting my comments here in case Whitney still joines at some point :-) So... I just finished chapter 10.

I'm actually happy that (view spoiler)

I thought (view spoiler)

I'm a little sceptical (view spoiler)

I'm still very much enjoying this book and can't wait to read on!

message 31: by Kikijanika (last edited Aug 15, 2016 01:12PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Kikijanika | 3006 comments Ok, I'm done with this book and I actually liked it more than I expected. I thought it would be another vampire/romance book but it was actually delightfully fresh.

The last 7 chapters of the book (view spoiler)

I'm interested in seeing (view spoiler)

Michael - (view spoiler)

I didn't like (view spoiler)

Hope you'll have time to read this sometimes Tanya and Whitney. It's definitely worth reading :)

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