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Huntress Ackrano | 24 comments Ayeraye sat down on a chair by the fire place, sitting down with a Pile of Letters on the Desk Beside her. opening each one and reading how it said she wasn't going to be Hired, Tossing each rejection letter into the crackling fire. "these people don't know anything." she scowled as Ayeraye threw in another letter, reaching over and finding she'd finally burnt through them all. sighing as she leant her head back and rested within the Quiet room, hoping she'd find work soon.

Queen of The Moon Kennosuke opened the door and frowned, when he realized that he had once again gotten lost. The building didn't seem that big from the outside, but on the inside there were so many hallways, and Kennosuke simply wasn't used to it. In Japan all the rooms were connected in the middle by the gardens, or there were more large rooms than small. It was all rather annoying, and time consuming which he hated because he was on a mission. When he saw the young woman in the chair he frowned again.

"Sumimasen" he apologized in Japanese and then remembered what his instructors said and corrected himself in English.
"Forgive me for the intrusion." he gave a small apologetic smile and started to back out of the room.

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Huntress Ackrano | 24 comments Ayeraye had been resting peacefully with the fire going, enjoying the tranquillity until she was disturbed. listening as her door was opened and hearing the man Excuse himself, Ayeraye replying out of instinct when she Heard the Japanese. "Onaji machigai o shimasen" she then Hesitated as she too remembered what her instructors had said, realising she'd both replied in Japanese and sounded too arrogant for a Servant.

standing bolt upright now with a slightly panicked expression she placed both hands in front of her and Bowed to the man, switching back into her Servant mindset. "you are Forgiven, my Lord." Ayeraye replied before standing straight once more, looking at the man's clothing and realising he didn't exactly look like a Lord so what was he doing here?

Queen of The Moon "I can assure you I'm not a lord. Not yet at least. I'm just a simple samurai." he tried to assure her. He was wearing simple umanori style hakama, white top and blue bottom, with a comfotable pair of waraji. "I'm actually lost if I'm being honest." he admitted with a small frustrated smile. He was supposed to have been finding his princess, and he was a bit shocked when he actually looked over the woman standing a few feet from him. Inhaling sharply he took a step toward her, eyes searching her face. She was older sure, but he woud have recognized her in a crowd, they'd spent a lot of time together as children. Of course the arrogance in her voice was familiar as well, now that he thought about it.

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Huntress Ackrano | 24 comments Ayeraye stood there surprised as the man explained himself, Taking a step backwards as he stepped towards her. he looked like a Samurai, is it possible her mother realised she wasn't Dead and sent this man to kill her discreetly? "aren't you the smart one then?" Ayeraye replied as she continued to watch the man, knowing that if this became a fight for survival she'd lose in a straight match up and hoping that her worries weren't true. but just to be sure. "What do you happen to be looking for?"

Queen of The Moon He ignored her comments and continued to step toward her, knowing she wold back herself into a wall. "As a child you had a guard, and you insisted on calling him Ken, to his utter hatred." He told her quietly, knowing that only those close to the two of them would know that.

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Huntress Ackrano | 24 comments Ayeraye's Eyes Widened at those Words as her Fears were Confirmed, this Person knew who she was and so she Kept retreating until her back pressed against the Wall. Her hands reaching across the Wall for something she could Grab and use. "why would a Servant have a Guard?" Ayeraye asked playing Coy, hoping to Buy time until she came with something to Do. if only Ken still was her Body Guard.....

Queen of The Moon "Alright. How about this?" he asked sepping back. He carefully pulled his shirt to the right, showing his colar bone and peck, where there was a scar, which he had recieve from taking an arrow when he had jumped in front of her to protect her. She had yelled at him not to die, or she would be really angry with him. Of course he had recovered, and that was when he had officially become her body guard.

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Huntress Ackrano | 24 comments Ayeraye had tensed in anticipation when he'd taken a Step, hands still searching until she'd grabbed something. Reaching up with it she was about to strike until she saw the scar, a little stunned with the Fire stoker still held above her head. "Ken....." she mumbled before dropping the stoker and leaping forward and tackling him into the ground, hugging him tightly as she laughed and repeatedly called his name.

Queen of The Moon "Hey Princess." he chuckled and hugged her back, before realizing how inapropriate it would be to hold her any longer. No mater what she called herself, or what she dressed like she was still his princess. "Um Princess can you perhaps get off of me?" he asked a bit embarrased.

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Huntress Ackrano | 24 comments during the Ruffle Ayeraye had ended up on Top, Pushing up now while Pinning him to the Ground. "is that any way to treat your Friend after Four Years!" Ayeraye Demanded, looking down at him Sternly before Slowly obliging and Getting off him. Standing up and dusting off her Black Dress, returning her Gaze to him as she went to Fix the Stoker's position. "but how'd you get here?"

Queen of The Moon "Well as you know I hate boats, so I only traveled on one from Japan to China, then by horse as far as I could until I grudgingly got onto another boat." he shuddered as he remembered the boat rocking back and forth perilously during a storm. "You are also my Princess, I can't act like we did when we were children. I'm 20 now." he reminded her cautiously. She had always been reckless, but he had to think about her reputation if she wouldn't.

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Huntress Ackrano | 24 comments "i'm not a Princess! i am Iranṣẹ, a personal Maid." Ayeraye replied as she Stood there, Hands on her hips in a defiant pose. despite claiming to be a servant she seemed very Stubborn, which probably told Ken all he needed about her chances of employment along with the smouldering letters in the fire place. and for anyone who Spoke Japanese, Iranṣẹ was not a Good name since it meant Servant

Queen of The Moon Kennosuke couldn't help but laugh at her. "You need a better name Ayeraye-chan" he teased, knowing she hated when he used the honorific, becasue it always meant he found her words amusing, and cute. "However if you are going to be a maid, you can always pretend to me mine, I did register here with the letters to say that I will be appointed a Lord in just a short while." he offered. He knew it would only be a ruse, she would still be the one in charge, he would never pretend that he was any higher than she was.

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Huntress Ackrano | 24 comments "i told you to stop calling me that." Ayeraye called back as she Pouted, hating that nickname since Forever. though when he offered employment she looked astounded at his idea, Ayeraye beginning to oh so not subtly walk in front of the Fireplace to hide the burning letters. "oh i don't know, i've gotten so many offers it's hard to choose." she Bluffed, failing at hiding the smouldering paper.

Queen of The Moon "Come here." he waved her over to where he had leaned against the support post in the room. His body was tired from all th horseback riding he had done, so he was taking a few days to settle into things, the school allowing him up to a week to do so. "Come on Ayeray-chan." he taunted knowing it would more than lkely work. He could always count on her fiery attitude.

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Huntress Ackrano | 24 comments "I Said to stop Calling me That!" Ayeraye demanded once More as she Glared at Ken, Fist's clenched in annoyance before remembering this was her chance to get a Job. taking a Moment to Calm down before speaking, this time calmly. "i don't want my cover to be Blown after all." walking Slowly near to Ken, hoping that he'd still give her the Job. she didn't know how much Four years could've changed him, but she was optimistic.

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Queen of The Moon "Wrist please." he held out his hand, not careing which wrist she offered him. In all actuallity he was just checking on her, but it would also test her to see if she could actually listen to him, because that would be the biggest part of keeping her cover. If she couldn't listen to a simple command it would all be worthless. He had rown up, sure he wasn't comfortable giving commands to anyone else, but he knew her, and she knew him so it didn't bother him. He was much more confident than when they were younger though, he was stronger in both his body and mind as well.

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Huntress Ackrano | 24 comments Ayeraye eyed him as she had Begun to Extend her hand, Pausing as she realised it was Palm down as a Royal would. she turned her Hand palm up before continuing to extend it to Ken, Despite training for the past couple years on how to be a Servant it was difficult to Shed 15 years of upbringing into the royal family. as she did this she thought back to the rules of the Academy, if Ken was a Student here and she was going to impersonate his Maid that meant she'd have to attend all of his Classes wouldn't it?

Queen of The Moon "I'm glad to see you still have your bracelets" he smiled as he pushed her sleave up to reveal one of them. He gently pulled a bracelet from his pocket and slipped it onto her wrist. "I had gotten this for your birthday." he explianed quietly. It had taken all of his wages to pay for the bracelet, and when she had 'died' he had kept it as a kind of remembrance of her. So when he had found out that she was still alive, well he had kept it on him in the off chance that he acually found her. He knew it wasn't anything that was actually worthy of someone of her status, but it was still worth a shot. "So first things first, I'm going to need help getting around." he smiled, eyes crinkling as he did.


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Huntress Ackrano | 24 comments Ayeraye had watched Cautiously as he'd pulled her Sleeve up, eyes widening as she saw the Bracelet Ken placed there. sure it wasn't as extravagant as some of the.......all of the Jewellery she'd received when they were back at the Castle, but this one would hold a Special place to her since it came from Ken. Ears peaking as Ken spoke again, Smiling Triumphantly as she took a step back and looked up at Him. "that's where i have 3 years advantage on you."

Queen of The Moon "Yeah, and I might need some help with clothing. You've always had a knack for that." he muttered looking down at his clothes. He wanted to fit in and not draw any unwanted attention to either of them, so wearing appropriate clothing was a big part of it. "And I'm sure I can still teach you a thinkg or to as far as training goes." he told her, just as smugly as she had told him.

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Huntress Ackrano | 24 comments Ayeraye was about to snap a comment back to him but held her tongue at his point, she still did have much to learn about actually being in the serving class. and changing his clothes was one of the First steps in making him appear to be a Lord, her mind already passing with several outfit's. "i Agree, finding Attire suitable to your new position is a Priority." though she looked down at her own clothes, sure they were simply but still gave the sense of elegance. even if she was searching for clothes to make him appear noble, would she subconsciously make him appear to still be in the serving class?

Queen of The Moon ((Going to sleep. Post later))

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Huntress Ackrano | 24 comments (night, ttyl)

Queen of The Moon ((Couldn't sleep))

"You'll also have to explain this Western concept of pants." he sighed and sat down in one of the chairs. To be honest he couldn't remember the last time he had actually been able to relax, he had spent years searching for her, always tightly wound due to the many fghts he had encountered.

((I also have a question. Her mother had her brother when she was 7, and her mother tried to have her killed within the next year, so she's ben on the run since she was at least 8. Therefore it should be 10 years and not 4))

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Huntress Ackrano | 24 comments (lol)

"the Pants are more for Utility than Versatility in my Opinion, but if you're going to be a Lord in western Culture you're going to have to get use to them." Ayeraye replied as she instinctively went and began making tea for her Guest, one of the first things a Servant was Taught to do. she'd been given plenty of chances to Relax in contrast to Ken, but she'd always been paranoid that the Queen had found out she was alive and sent someone.

(no, king died at 7. Ayeraye made future Queen at 15. current Queen remarrying shortly after and giving birth to Ayeraye's Brother. Ayeraye leaving at about 15 1/2 years old, arriving at Rose-field academy shortly after turning 16.)

Queen of The Moon ((Sorry I ended up having a friend come over and then passed out.))

"Princess you don't have to fix me tea." he told her with a small yawn, he had only planned on acting when other people were around, it felt weird to have her serve him. Plus now that he was sitting down, and knew she was safe he was actually really tired, more than likely all those restless nights wer ecatching up to him.

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Huntress Ackrano | 24 comments (i understand)

Ayeraye hadn't even realised she was doing it until Ken had pointed it out, instead of stopping though she got annoyed and snapped out at him. "your princess is making you tea and you're refusing, is that the amount of respect you have?" she asked as she continued making the Tea, her stubbornness settling in once again.

Queen of The Moon Ken had already dozed off, features relaxing. His face became less harsh, more gentle than it had looked in a while, he even had a slight smile on his face. He hadn't been sleeping long enough to dream, but his consiousness was still drifting farther and farther away.

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Huntress Ackrano | 24 comments Ayeraye was Holding the Fresh Tea as she walked back to the Fireplace which was dimming, Holding the tea as she looked at Ken's relaxed and sleeping figure. even as Kid's he barely looked relaxed with his Duties, so she decided it was better not to Disturb him as she sat down on a chair across from.

Queen of The Moon Ken muttered incoherently in his sleep and then jerked awake, standing up and looking around in a panic. His hand had flown to the small dagger he kept at his waist as he tried to reorient himself.

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Huntress Ackrano | 24 comments "Calm Down Sunshine." Ayeraye commented as she took a Sip of her Tea, a Cup resting on the table beside where Ken had been Resting. Ayeraye's eyes looking across to where his hand was grabbing the Dagger, a Smile tugging at her lips. "it's been awhile since you've seen a friendly face?"

Queen of The Moon "You could say that yes." he nodded and sat back down. He saw the tea and smiled, picking it up he sipped it. "Thank you for the tea." it was European tea, so it wasn't a familiar taste to him.

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Huntress Ackrano | 24 comments "it's an acquired taste but you get use to it after a while." Ayeraye commented as she saw Ken's reaction to the Taste of European, taking another sip from her own Tea and taking a deep breath. "you don't know how relieving it is to see a friendly face after all this time."

Queen of The Moon "You don't have to tell me that. Your mother is rather persistant, but there are more people who want you as their empress thn your brother as the emperor." he shrugged. It was all rather odd, because until this moment he hadn't realized that he had given up on finding her a while ago, that he was just going through the motions, and now that she was sitting in front of him, wel he was a bit to shocked to do anything besides act like he had thought she was alive.

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Huntress Ackrano | 24 comments "yes, but those people are swiftly being silenced by my Mother are they not?" Ayeraye replied, she didn't exactly know but it was a logical prediction. Ayeraye though had lost faith in allies, believing there was no one on her side. even now she was even suspicious of her childhood friend, it was possible he was luring her into false sense of security.

Queen of The Moon "No, they have to big of a backing. There are to many people in power for her to dispose of, because those who would replace them are on your side as well." He shook his head and put the empty tea cup down. He knew she was probably skeptical about him, and he was okay with that, it was better for her to be skeptical and protective of herself than open for attack.

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Huntress Ackrano | 24 comments "where do you think i leant my skills of Deceit, from a Tin Can? how difficult is it to implant spy's and Saboteur's? Blackmail, Bribery, Lies, Disguise, change of Heart, fear, hope, Surrender, seeking Forgiveness. there are many reasons why the numbers you think we have.......are Dismal." Ayeraye replied as she sat looking down into her empty Cup of Tea before standing up and Walking over to Pick up Ken's too, preparing to Begin Cleaning them.

Queen of The Moon "And if I told you that I know for a fact, because I've seen them with my own eyes?" Kennosuke countered with a small smirk. The affairs had always been closed, each reagion pledging allegiance to the princess only when they had passed certain ...tests.

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Huntress Ackrano | 24 comments "Yeah and next you're gonna tell me you work in 'secret' so there's no way she knows what you're doing." Ayeraye replied in a sarcastic tone as she began cleaning the teacups, saying this not because of Disbelief in what Ken understands but in overall Caution even against him.

Queen of The Moon "She actually knows." Ken shrugged. Her mother knew that he was looking for her, and had used it to try and follow him to her. It hasn't worked though, it was incredibly easy to loose and divert them. There had been a couple close encounters but it didn't matter.

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Huntress Ackrano | 24 comments "then thanks to you people, you've brought my secluded hideout into a Nuisance." Ayeraye commented with sharp Tongue as she Brought out a Cloth to Dry to Dishware, eyes glaring at Ken now because she came here so that Mother Wouldn't know that she was even alive.

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