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♛ Stephanie♛ (whatifyoufly) Liv sat in a chair near the window so she could enjoy the sun while it was cold outside. When she saw a handsome young man walk in, she got red in the face and pretended she was very interested in the book that she was reading.

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Kylie Vincent looks up and notices her watching her bury her nose deeper in her book. He sits down quietly carrying a thick book his parents sent to him with instructions to read it. He blows some dust off the cover and sits. He only gets a few sentences in before he's too bored to continue. He unfolds a paper in his pocket resting it on one of the pages and begins sketching.

♛ Stephanie♛ (whatifyoufly) Liv musters the courage and looks over her book to see him drawing. "Wha-", she croaks out, and clears her throat. "Wh-what are you drawing sir?" She's unaware of his position so she doesn't know how to address him at first.

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Kylie He glances up suddenly blushing because he had begun to draw her- what else was there in the simple room to draw. He was conflicted with how he should respond to her but he remembered why he'd been sent here. "Well...yourself if you wouldn't so much mind."

♛ Stephanie♛ (whatifyoufly) Liv opens her mouth several times to say something and then shut it again realizing she is speechless. "Pardon? You-you're drawing me? Uhm," she clears her throat. "Wh-Why?" At this point she's beet red and her stomach is in knots.

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Kylie "Well it's hard to draw myself without a mirror." he shrugs with a gentle smile. He stands and walks over,"But I won't if you don't want me to. My name is Vincent. Soon to be King of Sweden and you are?"

♛ Stephanie♛ (whatifyoufly) Liv smiles and nods, putting her book down. "I am Charlotte Anne Olivia Taylor, Crowned Princess of New Zealand, and heir to the throne. You can call me Liv if-if you'd like." She extends her hand politely, "it is a p-pleasure to meet you Vincent." She feels her face turn red again.

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Kylie He takes her hand and bows at her waist to kiss it,"Call me Vince. Or Vinny or whatever else you may choose Vincent is too formal. It's a pleasure to meet you."

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♛ Stephanie♛ (whatifyoufly) Liv nods politely. "Thank you Vince. Would you like to sit? Perhaps finish your drawing?" She smiles warmly and moves over so he may sit. "I haven't been drawn before other than the commissioned works. Do you draw often?"

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Kylie "Only when I'm not being watched." he smiles taking a seat.

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♛ Stephanie♛ (whatifyoufly) "Then..," she pauses to choose her words. "Then why did you start to draw me while I was in the room?" She laughs a little, "forgive my bluntness Vince, but did you think I wouldn't notice you? You're a very handsome young man."

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Kylie He blushes slightly,"Well to be completely honest you seemed quite absorbed in your book. And I hardly thought you'd write my parents and tell them I'm neglecting to study..." He glances at the book cover,"Peace and trade agreements."

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♛ Stephanie♛ (whatifyoufly) Liv stifles a laugh, "to be truthful, I was barely reading it. I-I'm initially embarassed to talk to young men near my age. I suppose you could say that I'm cautious." Her parents had drilled it into her previously that she should remain diligent in maintaining a pristine reputation.

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Kylie "That's fair." he nods,"I am not naturally the most outgoing of people. But I suppose a certain upbringing forces a certain level of social grace doesn't it?"

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♛ Stephanie♛ (whatifyoufly) ((oh wait isn't he from Germany? Or is it Sweden?))

"It does," she agrees. "It's kind of forced upon us since birth. The constant travel and duty-filled conversations." She fiddles with a loose bead attached to her dress nervously.

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Kylie ((You know what I think I might be the one confused haha sorry. Let me check))

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Kylie "Yes I understand that well." he nods and sketches her quietly he thought it was sweet how she nervously fiddled

((You're right Germany))

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♛ Stephanie♛ (whatifyoufly) She doesn't want to move to prevent him from drawing so she speaks barely moving her lips. "You're very good at this Vince. Where did you learn to draw like that?" She realizes how silly she must look and laughs a little, "sorry I'm trying not to move."

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Kylie He chuckles,"Don't worry if you move a tiny bit. I'm used to drawing people who aren't still. And I taught myself I'm not very good but I enjoy it."

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♛ Stephanie♛ (whatifyoufly) Liv looks at what he's done so far, "it's better than I can do. I enjoy art, but my talent is only on the music spectrum." She is quiet for a few minutes to let him draw her more. "Do you often draw people? What brings you to Heartfield?"

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Kylie "I draw people mostly because they're the best subjects. I don't have the patience for landscape. And I suppose the same reason everyone else is here. Better themselves, make friends, alliances..."

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♛ Stephanie♛ (whatifyoufly) "Have you made many friends while here?" she asked smiling. "What do you want to do to better yourself here that you can't do at home?" Liv felt more freedom to think here, and was learning that she had the ability to be bold like her father.

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Kylie "You ask a lot of questions." He says with a little smile. He takes his time replying as he draws. "I've made a few acquaintances. I don't know how many consider me a friend. And there are many classes here that offer more of a world view than the ones in my home could."

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♛ Stephanie♛ (whatifyoufly) "It's what I do," she says smiling. "I was taught to ask as many questions as possible. I like to see all angles of the world." She frowns and thinks for a moment, "well I suppose you could consider me a friend Vince. That is, if you'd like to be." She reddens and wonders if that was too bold of her to say.

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Kylie "I would like to be friends." he smiles,"And I don't mind your questions just noting that you ask a lot that's all."
He pauses to stop talking for a moment because he was focusing on her hair,"What did you ask again?"

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♛ Stephanie♛ (whatifyoufly) "I-I think you answered my questions, but I can ask more if you'd like." She studies him for a minute studying her, "you're very focused Vince. That's a good trait to have." She absent mindedly fixes her hair before continuing. "Why are you here Vince. Not why your parents want you to be here." She's sure that was too blunt of a question, but most people at the Academy found other reasons to stay here.

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Kylie ((I have a fun idea for later with them))

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Kylie "I am here because I do as I am told. And my parents want me to marry someone of authority." he says,"Would you mind...." He stands and goes over to her brushing a small piece of her hair behind her Ear and sits once more

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♛ Stephanie♛ (whatifyoufly) ((Ooooo do tell!))

Liv freezes when he moves her hair. "Oh! Uhm, sorry I-," She clears her throat to compose herself. "That's a bold thing to say, and honest. I appreciate honesty. I came here for a similar reason I suppose. I-if I don't choose my own husband, my parents will choose one for me." Her face reddens again and she looks down.

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Kylie ((Maybe it's a cheap trick but I jut like making everyone pregnant at the most in opportune times haha!))

"So you will choose your own?" he asks quickly trying to get the shading of her face while he could still see her blush.

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♛ Stephanie♛ (whatifyoufly) ((oh man lol she's really innocent though))

"I hope to I suppose, but I guess I don't have much longer here. I could be called away for any reason to succeed to the throne. I don't want to just settle either. Call me a hopeless romantic but it would be nice to be courted, and romanced." She sighs dreamily. "I suppose that was too much to indulge."

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Kylie ((It's true. It's against her character but I bet I could find a way to make it work. What if she gets married or something and he plots against her then husband we could have someone else do it with us because I'm pretty sure he's just a noble))

"We're allowed to dream, that's all we've really got anyway." he smirks. He focused intently on the drawing wanting to impress her honestly

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♛ Stephanie♛ (whatifyoufly) ((ohhh like she gets married or betrothed to a prince she doesn't like because her parents set it up but gets pregnant by Vince? Like a love triangle thing lol))

"I dream a lot," she admits. "Sometimes my father thinks it's not proper for a future queen to dream so much. I see it as optimism. Do you believe in romance Vince? Or are you also of the mind that people should marry for status only?"

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Kylie ((Yeah! Something like that let's do a love triangle?))

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♛ Stephanie♛ (whatifyoufly) ((ok awesome))

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Kylie "I'm not certain that I have fully decided." he says softly,"I'd like to believe in love." he finishes a couple details on the drawing

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♛ Stephanie♛ (whatifyoufly) "I think it's rare, don't you? Love is rare." She frowns and continues, "it's probably foolish for me to hope for. I don't know that I have that luxury." She looks at the drawing, "that looks very professional Vince." She looks up at him smiling.

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Kylie "Thank you." he says,"I'm nearly done." he says,"I would say that love isn't so rare as we think we just overlook it too easily. Reason our way out of something special."

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♛ Stephanie♛ (whatifyoufly) "That's a good way to look at thing Vince," she says nodding. "As nobles or royals, love isn't usually something that we feel is attainable. Besides the children we bear, and our parents. Sometimes even then it's not recognized." She looks at his concentrated face, "what do you do with the drawings that you complete?"

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Kylie "I have a book of them I keep it well hidden. And you don't need to pretend anything I say as being abstract or wise. I'm just myself." he chuckles,"But yes I think it's easily overlooked."

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♛ Stephanie♛ (whatifyoufly) She fiddles with her dress looking down. "Sorry, I suppose it's polite conversation. Not many people are that geniune. So my drawing will go in your book?" She smiled shyly, "th-that's very flattering."

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Kylie "What are we if we can't be ourselves? I'd much rather just be honest especially considering how many times we must politely lie. As for the drawing it will only go in my book if you allow it."

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♛ Stephanie♛ (whatifyoufly) "Pawns," she says quietly. "We are pawns if we can't be ourselves. As for the drawing, I would be honored if the drawing was something that you would want to keep. Flattered really. Since we're being honest, have you already found a noble of authority? Like, well like your parents desire?"

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Kylie "Pawns is the perfect word for it. And unfortunately for my parents no. I have not but I haven't been here very long." he adds that as an after thought wondering if it made him sound anti social or unlikeable,"I will keep it then I quite like this one." he says observing his drawing.

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♛ Stephanie♛ (whatifyoufly) "Very good, I'm glad you like it. I quite like your drawing as well," she says excitedly. "I wonder if-if you would mind taking tea with me in here? If not-if you have somewhere else to be...I just thought I might ask."

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Kylie "That would be nice." he says with a smile,"Tea with a beautiful lady I can see no reason to object."

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♛ Stephanie♛ (whatifyoufly) Liv looked at him smiling while she rang the bell to request tea. "You are quite charming sir. Handsome and charming, like someone out of a book."

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Kylie He nearly snorts but reduces it to a chuckle,"That'd be a lousy book then."

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♛ Stephanie♛ (whatifyoufly) "You are too modest sir," Liv says shyly. "I'd read it though," she says admittingly.

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