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Please do not delete. I will use this to easily access a template with all the HTML I need in order to make more characters.

Royal Template: (view spoiler)

Non-Royal Template: (view spoiler)

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Name: Adia Hasana Lindsay
Title: Lady (of England), Princess (of Kenya), or Heiress
Country of Rule: Kenya
First Name: Adia -Meaning: A Gift from God
Middle Name: Hasana -Meaning: She was born first
Last Name: Lindsay -Her father's surname: (view spoiler)
Aliases: Perhaps something unpleasant to the more horrible of characters in the Academy, but those who know her have the honor of calling her by her first name.

Age: 17
Date of Birth: December 1st
Zodiac: Sagittarius (view spoiler)
Birthstone: Turquoise

Year in School: Junior (Nearly a Senior)

Family: Adia was born from the rape of her Royal mother by an English Admiral.
Mother: Kenyan Queen, living, adores Adia, but was forced to part with her baby.
Father: Sir John Lindsay, an Admiral under English occupation, forced to care for the product of his horrific actions.
Step-Father: Kenyan King, living, refuses to acknowledge her.
Step-Mother: Dead, before she met her.
Half-Sister: On her father's side, a year or so older than her. Open for creation.
Half-siblings: OPEN FOR CREATION (She may have older half-siblings (European) from her father's side of the family, or she may have younger half-siblings (Kenyan) from her mother's side of the family. Talk with me to arrange a collab!)

Biological Information:
Full physical description: Adia is a beautiful young woman of mixed heritage, English and Kenyan. Because of this, her skin isn't the ebony of her mother, nor the lightness of her father, but a mix of the two, a golden-brown color. Because of her skin, she cannot quite fit into either society. She has gorgeous, springy black curls all over her head, falling below her shoulderblades, and an even alto voice. Standing slightly short at about 5'4", her personality is much more intimidating than her person. She weighs 120 lbs and carries herself well.
Faceclaim: Gugu Mbatha-Raw
Gender Identification: Female
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Adia has always been a creative, exploring, free thinker. From a young age, she was constantly thinking up new games and playing with her half-sister. Even from a young age, though, things were obviously different. She couldn't eat with the family in the presence of company. She couldn't really be acknowledged. Adia has always felt grateful to her father, because without him, she might have died, but somewhat resentful as well. She is his child, so why won't he acknowledge her? Using her positive character traits, she has developed a passion for trying to champion rights, even if only subtly and quietly. She has enough notice on her already, as it is.

∞ Spain's imported Chocolate, from their American colonies.
∞ Being treated as a human being by those around her.
∞ Her family... despite their complicated, to say the least, relationships.
∞ Friendship. Legitimate friendship.

∞ Arrogant people assuming that they're better than her.
∞ Those who would fake emotions toward her just to get their fingers on her dowry.
∞ The constant feeling of being misplaced and mismatched, of not having a place to belong.
∞ Not being accepted.

∞ She is a very strong and influential speaker.
∞ She knows who to talk to and how to try to get people to listen to her.
∞ Adia is a strong judge of character and tends to manage herself well, even in a tense situation.
∞ She has a knife on her person in case worse should come to worse, and she needs to defend herself.

∞ She is female in two patriarchal societies.
∞ Her skin color marks her as an outcast in Kenya, and barely deserving of human respect in England.
∞ She is a bastard child, a product of rape.
∞ Her families offer a rich dowry in hopes of marrying her off to a powerful family. This just attracts lowlifes, though.

Adia's mother was of the direct royal line to the Kenyan throne. Her stepfather married into the line, but because of the patriarchal society, based mostly on English occupancy in Kenya at the time, he assumed total control over the nation. Adia's mother had very few rights. Even when she was raped by an English admiral, there was nothing done towards justice. The man was detained, of course, causing temporary tension for the nine months of the pregnancy. Everything would be determined by the color of the baby. On her birth, Adia's stepfather declared her illegitimate, as a baby of the English rapist, and refused to foster the child, despite the mother's pleas. Her English father, seeing the opportunity, bartered his way out of punishment, promising to foster the child out of sight and out of mind in England -as long as Kenya paid for her upbringing. Seeing this as a sensible way to end the conflict, the Kenyan king agreed, and England and Kenyan relations went on as usual. Of course, Adia's mother didn't want to release her baby to the man who had attacked her... but her husband was very insistent. The mother named Adia "Gift from God" and "Firstborn", legitimizing her daughter in the eyes of many, but frustrating her husband's efforts to sweep the child under the rug. Adia and her mother have never met since the girl was stolen away, and Adia does not even know her mother's face. Adia has heard that she has several Kenyan half-siblings, though. It is a bit of a debate, whether she has any legitimate claim to the Kenyan throne, and she may be used as a chess piece in an attempt to gain power. However, she's a smart, alert young woman. She hopes to control her own future.

Adia was raised in an English upper-class home with her older half-sister, a beautiful blonde woman full of stature and grace. However, due to the status of African people in English society, she was not allowed to eat meals with the family when company was over, because that would be seen as legitimizing her as a person deserving of all English citizen rights. Adia never had a mother figure -perhaps in a maid or two, but never a real one. Her father's wife had died before his commission to Kenya, so she and her half-sister were raised together. Sometimes, she feels her half-sister is the only one who will ever get close to understanding her... even if she fears that nobody ever truly will.

Upon hearing of her own circumstance, of her own technical status, Adia was frustrated. She didn't belong in Kenya nor in England, not even with her family. She just didn't... fit. And she knew it was ridiculous from the start that she be deemed inferior just because of how she was born. Modestly, she's become an advocate for African rights. However, being outspoken would have her targeted and shut down... perhaps forcibly. So she makes her moves very subtly, and very remotely. These may be as subtle as paying someone to correct a source in a newspaper.

Her father died when she was 15. Adia was left with a large dowry. Added to that, her Kenyan family sent riches to supplement that supply of cash, her stepfather now realizing that he could use the bastard child as a pawn, as a way to prove that they were equivalent to their English counterparts. The sooner his daughter was married to an English nobility, the better, after all. So now she gets hounded by the most horrific people, and has learned to show almost no one an audience. To Kenya, she is an opportunity. To England, she is a potential play for total Kenyan control. To both, she is a nuisance. That in itself provides many dangers already, and she is on the alert for any danger, often travelling in groups if she can or with servants.

The Heartfield Academy has proved to be mostly accepting. There are nationalities from all over the globe here. Technically, as she is an English noble and a Kenyan princess, she fits in quite nicely here. There are pressures for her to finish up and be the perfect wife to an English noble. It seems no one would be happy if she chose out of that select category. However... Adia is a free spirit.

Religion: The Church of England

∞ Kenya is currently (1700s) an occupied territory of England. For the sake of this RP, the government is still self-sufficient, but works in tandem with the Queen.
∞ Adia is based loosely off of Dido Elizabeth Belle, the bastard child of an English nobleman who was made an heiress. By welcoming his formerly-enslaved black child into his family, he made a step towards acknowledging the human rights of African slaves.
∞ Adia's pictures and gifs are all from the movie "Belle" starring Gugu Mbatha-Raw. It's an excellent film to watch, as well as "Amistad," if you're interested in this particular genre.

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Name: Kiara Elle Preciado
Rank: Maid
Individual Serving: Yet to be assigned
Country of Origin: Spain
First Name: Kiara
Middle Name: Elle
Last Name: Preciado
Aliases: "Key" or "Ara" or "Elle" or "Precious" or even just "Handmaiden"

Age: 17
Date of Birth: Unknown
Zodiac: Unknown
Birthstone: Unknown

Mother: Unknown who or where she is. Presumably alive.
Father: Unknown who or where he is. Presumably alive.
Siblings: Unknown who or where they are. Presumably alive.

Biological Information:
 photo blue-eyes-freckles-ginger-girl-Favim.com-2622279_zps6zsrhfk0.jpg
Full physical description:
Kiara stands at 5'6" and weighs 135 pounds. She has an airy soprano voice and long, stunning red hair. She hails from Spain, and is of Celtic heritage from when Celts inhabited the area.
((Include Height, Weight, Voice, Hair Color, Ethnicity
Clothing: (view spoiler)
Gender Identification: Female
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

She's really quite a go with the flow sort of girl. She accepts that practically everything that has happened to her has been blind chance and that she has no say in her future. She's learning a bit, though, some more about how to act around different people and varying sorts of nobility, and especially how to serve them in ways that least draw their attention to her. More than that, though, she's resiliently kind. She'll go far out of her way if someone is in trouble and needs help with an assignment or with a relationship, or needs advice. As someone who's never had a beau or a boyfriend, she's actually pretty good at relationship advice. However, as a young girl, she is thinking about boys now, a little -or more than a little. She wouldn't go so far as to set her eyes on any high nobility, but a girl can dream about being saved from servitude, whisked off her feet, and taken down a road to a happily ever after. Heck. If her life is ruled by the actions of people above her, she thinks her daydream might have a good chance of coming true.

∞ Rich food like lasagna, chocolate, cake, and pies.
∞ Real beds.
∞ Clean clothes.
∞ Bug free dorms. Honestly, even if she's a servant, she thinks she's hit the jackpot in life. This is as good as it gets.

∞ Snobs.
∞ Being taken advantage of.
∞ Having her face rubbed in the dirt, pretty much. She'll accept it in stride; she has almost no temper, but she hates it all the same.

Weapons training: No
Weapons: A single dagger
Formal physical training: No
Training: She can tell which end goes into an attacker.
Current Weapon: A single dagger

∞ She'll do everything she can to help someone who is in a tight pinch.
∞ She has lots of empathy and feels she can help other people more than herself.

∞ Denies that she has much -if any- control over her life.
∞ Can go mute when talking to someone very high above her rank.
∞ She'll freeze up from time to time.

Kiara is a Spanish peasant who was born of low blood. When she was a child of seven, she accidentally dropped a shingle on a passing nobleman's head while helping her father re-tile the roof. He demanded the little girl serve as an indentured servant to repay him for his damages, which was just a knot on the head, but it really was the best thing to ever happen to Kiara, even if it meant tearing her away from her family at a young age. She lived a healthy life of servitude, though, no matter how much she worked, she was constantly getting in more and more debt because of meals and the cost of letting her sleep on a leftover cot. After three years of this meager life, she was made into a servant for the man's daughter. At court, she gained the attention of an elderly Spanish noble who thought it was absolutely unfair that she work all her life and die a slave to unfair debt. He bought her debt -and her services, and sent her to a school where she truly could use the skills she possessed to make a better way for herself in life. Due to being exposed to nobility at a young age, she speaks many languages.

Religion: Catholicism, although she doesn't much mind about Lutheran or Protestant services.

∞ People usually tend to describe her as dependable, calm, composed, cheery, and silent.

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Name: Iridessa Abrielle Emmanuel
Title: Highness, Princess, Princepessa
Country of Rule: Venice
First Name: Iridessa
Middle Name: Abrielle
Last Name: Emmanuel
Aliases: Oh. HER..

Age: 14
Date of Birth: June 30th
Zodiac: Cancer
Birthstone: Alexandrite/Pearl
[image error]
Year in School: Freshman

Mother: Queen Izlandi
Father: King Victor II
Older Brother: High Prince Zenobi

Biological Information:
Full physical description:
Slim, elegant, and poised, Iridessa is about 5'7" tall and 130 lbs, lithe. Her voice is willowy and light, her hair golden, long, smooth and silky. She speaks with a slight Italian accent. She appears to be, at first, the most perfect princess anybody has ever seen.
Gender Identification: Female
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Iridessa is poised and articulate. She speaks Italian and English. She is the exemplification of nobility. To anybody who knows her, though, she's a genius of communication and manipulation. Not that she sees it as a bad thing, she just sees it as the only way she'll ever get her way. She has many flaws, like racism (Because it's 1700s or 1800s) and her own ego and selfish desires. But she doesn't really see them, and dotes on those she loves, caring for them immensely. However, she also will do anything to keep the ones she loves in her fold.

∞ Spanish chocolate
∞ Beauty -the typical sort. Anything different might be shocking, or even rejected.
∞ Music and dancing
∞ Little innocent, manipulative plots.

∞ Differing races. She's not exactly KKK level, but it's the 1700s, let's be real here. She'd be put off by their presence, at least, and maybe secretly disgusted.
∞ Pain & Blood. She can deal, but she would not do well with being hurt or seeing her own blood.
∞ Being betrayed.
∞ People she considers as pretty or more pretty than she.

∞ Fencing
∞ Music
∞ Plotting
∞ She's pretty good at snogging.

∞ Insecure about Heartbreak
∞ Physically weak
∞ Tripped up by her own prejudices
∞ Difficulty making REAL friends

Iridessa is the younger sister of the Venitian Royal Family. She's nothing but a pretty face to be married off to the highest bidder. And she's actually okay with that. She'll have a comfortable life possibly being with somebody who will care about her. However, she has been burned before. She was to marry a young man of her own country, a noble. Her parents had arranged it, and they were completely in love. Then... After all the promises, after everything, he left the country. He didn't even give her a letter, he just... went. Needless to say, she's been burned before. And now... there's someone else she has to marry, and she doesn't know if she's ready... or if it will all be lies again. She craves somebody to love her.

Religion: Roman Catholic

∞ Faceclaim of Myrcella Baratheon from Game of Thrones


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All characters above this point are approved.

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