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message 1: by Cristi (new)

Cristi Taijeron | 3 comments I revised the books in my Justified Treason series, and thought it would be smart to combine editions. Rather, it kept the old covers and old summaries. I do not want that. I would like the latest and best revised editions (Covers and summaries) to show first, otherwise, a complete separation would be better. I hope you can help :)

message 2: by rivka, Librarian Moderator (new)

rivka | 44992 comments Mod
Actually, your older editions and newer were not all combined. They are now.

Is the series title Justified Treason or Endless Horizon Pirate Stories? And how is it related to the Uncharted Secrets series?

(Also, please only post questions once, not in multiple threads.)

message 3: by Cristi (new)

Cristi Taijeron | 3 comments Thank you, it looks a little clearer now. As for the titles, Endless Horizon Pirate Stories Stories is the subtitle, and covers all my series, which are titled: Justified Treason, Uncharted Secrets, Tales of a Navigator, and King of My Nightmare. Now for the combined editions, first of all I want Wind of Glory completely removed from my author page. I no longer claim that book. Next, Uncharted Secrets and King of My Nightmare are perfect. But with Justified Treason and Tales of a Navigator, the wrong editions are still showing up first. I went out of my way to update these books, including covers and summaries to display my latest greatest works. I would like for each of these to be the default covers and summaries for the books in question:

hopefully that makes sense. Thank you for your help :)

message 4: by lethe (new)

lethe | 14566 comments Cristi wrote: "I want Wind of Glory completely removed from my author page. I no longer claim that book."

Goodreads does not delete books that have been published.

The default edition can only be set by the author. See message #4 of the Author FAQ:

I'll leave the series for someone else to sort out.

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