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Stephanie Just started it today, thoughts so far...

I've heard the interview with James Renner on Missing Maura Murray Podcast and definitely felt like Renner wanted us to buy his book more than he wanted to share his information. Luckily I got it for free from my library's Overdrive collection. James reads his own audiobook. He's not a bad reader, at least. Although if you didn't like his voice on the podcast, you'll like it even less when it's the only voice and it's obvious he's reading.

He's kindof full of himself, talking about how smart he is is and his psychopathy (ok, actually interesting, but bits about how having women dancing on him are the "kinds of things that happen to me" which is kindof man-braggy) Some of the information he's giving as fact seems more like conjecture, no one else is as sure about the events as he is about them. Why? How did he find out about this stuff? What is his proof?

CarynJ Renner has so few facts. How can he possibly say his book is true? Absolutely NOT. What he BELIEVES does not equal TRUTH. What's unbelievable is that he would tout this book as truth. Please. Anyone who reads this book, do some research on Maura's disappearance. This guy is only trying to sell books. He does not know the family. They wouldn't even talk to him. This book is so much more about him than Maura. It's sickening.

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