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What's your book blog?

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message 1: by K. B. (new)

K. B. Frazier (kirabutler) | 4 comments Mod
Do you book blog? Do you blog about books? Do you consider yourself a book blogger? Blogarific? Blookbogtastic? Bloggarific bloop blop books?

Post your website link here. ;)

I clearly need more coffee.

message 2: by Adam (new)

Adam (AStephenGetty) | 3 comments I have a blog... I don't "book blog," though it's not impossible that a book could make a guest appearance on my blog. I started it on the advice of a co-worker who also writes, but use it mostly as a brain dump.

A place to get the gunk out to make way for better things to flow.

I also post alpha edits of short fiction that I'm working on, or intend to never work on again... But no one reads it.


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