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ACIM from the perspective of an atheist

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message 1: by Noodle (new)

Noodle | 1 comments ACIM is a book that was left to me by a friend who passed away thirteen years ago. I am a non believer although my friend was a believer in "something" but as far as I am aware was not a part of any formal organised religion. I became interested in ACIM because my friend used to get up every morning at 5am and read Anthony De Mello and ACIM until 6am every day of the week. Actually I forgot about ACIM when my friend died and left it to me and only started reading it last year (2015). I don't read ACIM every day but do the lessons about 5 in every 7 days I am at lesson 290 now and I have nearly finished the manual for teachers. Some of the lessons are very beautiful and I do a few of the lessons several days in a row just because they are so nice to read. It is amusing to me that many religious people I mention ACIM to get irrationally upset without even reading a single line. The book promises a great deal but I have not achieved any of the goals as of yet so I will withhold judgement.

message 2: by Barbara (new)

Barbara Klaser (klaserb) | 7 comments Very interesting. I'll be interested in reading any comments you post about your experience of ACIM.

message 3: by David (new)

David Markham | 2 comments Me too. I share you interest Barbara in what Noodle might have to share further. ACIM makes it clear that it is not the only path to salvation, enlightenment, cosmic consciousness, but simply "a" away. I was reading something the other day which pointed this out by saying that the title of the course is not "THE" Course in Miracles, but "A" Course In Miracles.



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