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message 1: by Ruth (new)

Ruth Will be polling for a group read written by an emerging author and set in the Arabian Peninsula.

Our group definition of an emerging author is one whose works have all been published within the past 10 years and include 5 or less works.

If you have written a book that fits the bill, let me know and I will consider it for our emerging author reader selection poll.

Ruth - moderator of The Armchair Traveler's Club Group

message 2: by Ruth (new)

Ruth Any emerging authors out there that would like my book club to read your book?

Must be set in one of the regions specified in the heading.

message 3: by Lance (new)

Lance Charnes (lcharnes) | 327 comments Set in its entirety, or visits the area?

My international thriller Doha 12 skips around three continents, but it stops by Beirut and Tel Aviv along the way.

message 4: by Ruth (new)

Ruth Quite an interesting plot! What real events is it based upon?


message 5: by Lance (new)

Lance Charnes (lcharnes) | 327 comments Ruth wrote: "Quite an interesting plot! What real events is it based upon?"

In 2010, the Mossad assassinated a Hamas operative, Mahmoud Mabouh, in Dubai. The hit team used the non-Israeli passports and identities of a number of dual-nationality Israelis. The Emirati police initially wrote off Mabouh's death as a heart attack, but his relatives got a better toxicology test in Paris and discovered he had scoline (purportedly a Mossad favorite) in his system.

The Emirati police then reviewed their security camera footage and found the hit team in action at the airport and in the hotel. The resulting video may still be on YouTube. They requested INTERPOL Red Notices for the team members they identified -- which led to a number of very confused, scared people in Britain, Germany, Poland and Australia who didn't look a bit like the people in the security footage.

It was a scenario that begged to be turned into a thriller. So I took the story to its logical conclusion: what would have happened had Hamas decided to go after the people whose identities Mossad used? That's how Doha 12 was born.

In case you're interested, I have bonus material on my website (, including study questions for book clubs. I'm also happy to do a Q&A with your book club.

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